Injustice Rant Video from Comic Book Cast

The rant isn’t really about IGAU, its about YOU, US…the players. Thoughts? Make sure you the guy who made it know how you feel.

I’m not even an Injustice fan, but this guy is so damn salty. Another guy with the “I play only to have FUN” arguement.



He may be salty.

…but he isn’t wrong.

I enjoy learning this game. More than any other fighting game. I’ve spent hours in practice mode. I haven’t even played Story mode. Go me.

But the attitude of the FGC is pretty much as he says, attitude or not.

No one likes watching terrible people play any games.

You’ve just proved his point. Well done.

The thing is. You do not make a video “calling” out the trolls and challenging them. You are asking for trouble there and you would think an adult would understand that. If he doesn’t like FGC dudes calling him out he should just say in one video or in the description that he’s a scrub and playing casually.

Yeah, he does have a fair point, sure he may not be very good, heck I’m still not very good, but people who come onto videos and start giving criticism are pretty damn frustrating, perhaps if these people commenting were less oblivious to the fact that some people aren’t as good at fighting games as they are, they could give some more constructive criticism.

People who post cod videos get shit in comments. People who post dota videos get shit in comments. Hell even people who post mega man playthroughs get comments like “wow you’re bad”. If negative feedback bothers him so much, he should just disable comments.

EDIT: I see that his channel is really about comics and not video games. In any case, he takes those comments way too seriously.

He doesn’t belong on the internet if he can’t handle criticism.

For someone who “plays to have fun”, he sure doesn’t sound like he’s having fun.

If you post a video on the internet, you’re going to be subject to criticism.
If you’re terrible at what you’re posting, you’re going to be subject to a lot more criticism.
Either deal with it, understanding that you only play super casually and their opinion doesn’t matter, or get better.

I mean, how ridiculous would it sound if he posted a video of him singing a really terrible cover to some song, and then got upset when people told him he can’t sing.
“Man, what are you, some kinda nerd just sitting in your mom’s basement just singing to yourself all day? I make covers because I want to. I don’t need any of your stupid vibrato or pitch or tone, because I sing to have FUN.”

I’ll be the first to say I’m not a super huge fan of the FGC’s “Play To Win At All Costs” attitude, but that’s my problem and it comes with the territory.
This isn’t even about that, though. This is just some dude who doesn’t understand how to take criticism.

screaming shitcock abuse like a steroid abusing nutbag is criticism?

If you take anything said on the internet seriously you don’t belong on it.

The moment he publish something on net he opened himself up to it. Abuse comes with the territory be it justified or not.

That video left a bad taste in my mouth because I know alot of people like him who pull the “I play for fun” card. Guess what guy, I wouldn’t fucking play games either if im not having some kind of enjoyment in it, Ironically my enjoyment comes from doing difficult combos and or playing a fighting game at a high(er) level. Oh noes for me being a fucking scumbag for not liking people mashing their way through games and complain when they lose…smh

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So… Anyone else imagine comic book guy from Simpsons doing this rant?

He obviously is a casual/scrub who is super salty that some people said he sucks. A measured response would have been to post on the videos in question “Hey, I’m just a casual player guys, don’t expect to see stellar play here. These videos are just so my subscribers can check out the game and hear my commentary on it),” but he opted to go for the rage filled response. I don’t understand how someone who just plays to play, without worry about skill, could be so upset by people saying he sucks. Still, he put the videos up in a public forum, so he should have expected criticism. It’s the nature of the beast. Sometimes criticism is valid, sometimes it is not, but one must take it all regardless.

Anyway, competitive players should just leave the casuals to their own devices, unless they’re on your grounds (e.g. SRK, the arcade). It’s kind of senseless to be watching their videos in the first place when people like Arturo are streaming, or one could be spending the time in the lab.

Also: Since when do we care about shit like this?