Injustice Raven

this is a Raven overview and a few mixup/block strings, with some decent combos, hit me up on psn Coltina1991

That’s not bad, 42%. Considering she has all the tools to attack from a distance without putting herself at risk.

Just trying to add some more information to the pool, I found a combo for 45% with 1 meter:
j.2, f.2,2,2, db.2 (meter burn), b.3, j.3, f.2,2,2, bf.2

You can even meter burn the bf.2 to get the launch, but I’m sure at this point it wouldn’t add much. You might get enough time after the bf.2 launch to land a d.2 and then any other special, which I imagine would take this to 47-48% for 2 meter, which isn’t really worth it.

Her meterless damage might be sub-par, but she gets really dangerous with meter ^^. If anyone can point me to some good demon form combos, I’d be much obliged.

edit to the above post, I just realised that i meant df.2, not bf.2. I’m not sure how I thought raven even had a bf. move, but oh well.

I have trouble landing the last f222 after you wall bounce and j3. Any advice on this? I am assuming I am just hitting the wall bounce too late, thus causing them to not have enough air and landing too soon. So perhaps I should ask for advice landing the wall bounce lol

well, if you land the wall bounce, you want to hit the j.3 at the apex of his ricochet. Having gone back into practice with her, I can see the timing is quite tricky (I can’t get it every time either!).

On the matter of the wall bounce, you want to leave it to the last possible moment. Try to land it just before they hit the ground. Personally, to help time it I do the EX db.2 and then enter the command fb.3 instead of just b.3, as I find the extra delay allows me to get the wallbounce more consistantly. I’ll try and find a way to make a video, but with no screen capture and no proper camera, this could be tricky.

Here is the combo I was trying to explain, I hope this helps with any execution difficulties. I apologize for the video quality, it is the best I could do.

im going to be making videos on her specials and normals tonight and tomarrow, that video is just a sample of what she is capable of.

when i do F222 into B3, i just slightly charge the launcher.

i’m trying to find some awesome tech with with raven, but everything i’ve discovered isn’t that great, especially compared to what some of the other characters can do.

  1. she can almost constantly check her opponent with soul crush, especially on wakeup.
  2. when they block in fear of soul crush, you can dash in and grab.
  3. she has a safe 2% chip trap that she can use in demon stance after an untechable knockdown.
  4. i found this pretty cool way to get a combo on superman spammers, but it requires demon stance and two bars.

that’s pretty much it. maybe i’ll make some videos tomorrow. i hope she has better stuff than what i’m finding.

any advice for the Grundy matchup? Every thing he does seems to have armor that stops all I can do :frowning:

Grundy is a damage monster. Obviously you need to stay away from him until you can make a read. Try and stay airborn when he’s doing his snares. Zone him when you’re far enough away, but don’t let yourself get caught. Use her trait in the air to bait out snares and teleport in for a BnB… then get back to zoning. I timed a few Grundy’s out. If you let him in, you’re going to get wrecked… so don’t be afraid to play lame.

The 2nd video for raven by me, I want all info i didnt find as well, lets make a good tutorial for raven together!

well, i think i’ve found the best stage for raven: hall of justice.
you know that little moving machine outside of the building? it reminds me of those futuristic vacuum cleaners. anyways, raven can press that, it will chase the opponent, they’ll jump to avoid the unblockable, and raven can grab them! if you’re close enough and have meter, you can get a BnB from the soul crush starter. if she’s in demon stance, and can get a combo from full screen. pretty cool.

oh, and i fought an online grundy today. does he really have super armor on that unblockable, non-meter burn, unduckable grab that goes into a full combo?

thought everyone would like to know… raven can do a full screen pillar while in demon stance: D,F,1,U.

wish i knew about that earlier! it’s just casually missing from her move list lol.

yes, grundy can meter burn his trait (the chain grab), so beware lol. I tend to bait him when he has meter, and try to go in for jumpins and combos and oddly enough rushdown when he is without meter. It’s a whole different level of match when you face him and Bane.

i can’t remember the name of the attack, but i think it’s B, F, 3. doesn’t it always have armor? it’s the basic one, too, not the meter burn version.

Yeah its useful as long as you can get into the stance. What’s cool about the pillar is its essentially Dormamu style zoning. You can call a pillar in 3 spots depending on where you hold the joystick after pressing the button. I think its neutral for the middle, <- for close and then -> for the near full screen pillar.

So I found out that you can start with 11B2, cancel into QCB2 (meter) and do the rest of Sanguine’s bnb like normal. I found that I like starting with 11B2 instead of F222 because the special cancel feels like doing the DP motion, and I think (I THINK) it gives the wallbounce a better chance to hit. 11B2 also has fewer recovery frames compared to F222.

Are there any alt costumes for Raven yet and how would you unlock it?

i agree her F222 string is annoying, but it’s probably her best. neutral on block, does most damage, and has some range. i really hate how the first input is two hits, but the last hit requires two button presses.
223 is probably the nest for hitconfirming because you have to link the singularity grab either way, and that’s +6 on block! but i’m sure the last hit can be interrupted even though people aren’t punishing it yet.