Injustice Season Pass does not work?

So Injustice was released yesterday in the UK and I bought it from Game for PS3 with the season pass. So i’ve been enjoying the story mode and decided to activate my pass for future uses. When I entered my 12 digit code it gives me error messages basically saying the code is wrong or it has already been redeemed. I haven’t redeemed it, is it just not available at the moment and may require for us to wait for the server update or have I been given a bad code? I’ve tried every possible variation (B’s instead of 8’s etc). Just annoyed and kind of worried I will not be able to return it

I am having this exact same problem, I bought it from game with a season pass and the code says it is invalid or not corrdet.


Mostly likely it a psn problem u would have 2 wait. I read a article from ign saying Psn store is slow to update their content and forget to activate it redeem codes .

Better work soon then.

It’s a PSN issue. No update yet. But considering you’re just missing out on some character skins for the time being, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Yeah I’m not too bothered right now, only tried activating it to get it over and done with, was more worried I spent money on it and it wouldn’t work. Hopefully this is the case, cheers