Injustice Stream and Commentary thread


I didn’t see anybody else trying to make this topic and we need a place to discuss the game without always making a chat room.

Below is a list of notable links that show some really strong Injustice players. Others is streams where you’ll learn more about the game. - You’ll hear top players and testers and general FGC people talking about all the current goings on in the game here. Great for people trying to learn more about the game.

Notable Player Channels - Another high level MK9 player you’ll often find working on combos with various characters. Often complaining about MK9 needing another Patch - Two time MK9 Evo champ who also happens to be a Tester. If nothing else you’ll she - Arturo Sabin’s Stream. Excellent Injustice play here, always open to talking to chat. Also a Tester, that helps. - Representing the Midwest ( North ) always solid NRS player and normally hosts casuals on Thurs - F.Champ and friends blowing it up in Injustice and other fighters. People come here for gameplay but stay for the trolling. Not my thing but many love it.

Tournament Streams - Kings of Poverty Stream, Usually the main stream for most Tournaments. Sabin, NerdJosh, Min,etc - Up and coming Canadian tournament Streaming Injustice and other games. - Great guy always streaming Injustice and supporting NRS games and side streams at big tourneys. - One of the biggest Weekly’s around featuring West coast finest

24/7 Lobbies ( Best for Character Variation) - 24/7 Injustice lobby gameplay. For when you wanna see what other people are doing while a tournament isn’t on. - Midwestern based Stream, Open 24/7 Injustice Lobby very useful for finding out what other players are using and what to expect.

I’m SURE I missed some names and stream so by all means PM me and I WILL RESPOND hopefully I’ll be able to edit the post immediately if not it will be soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions because I haven’t made a thread like this before and am just trying to help.

Let me know guys thanks!


Found some vids of the $2000 Injustice tourney from WNF’s I have no idea why they haven’t put the entire thing up on Youtube yet but I’ll add it as soon as they put it up if they do.


FChamp making Sinestro look top tier.


Injustice at Battle circuit is up on Arts stream


DragonGod plays Injustice? Okay, that’s cool.

Tom Brady has completely forsaken the Corps to main Aquaman it seems.


Who can blame him? Aquaman is the man!


Hermano Agua is awesome!!


Been avoiding early tournaments since they are mainly just batman and green lanterns, but battle circuit last week was pretty sick, nice variety of characters and I saw some new stuff from most of the one’s on display.


Oh and Doomsday won Toryuken.


indeed he did. I am pissed I couldn’t make it to Toryuken. My buddy Vince runs it, but I just don’t have the money to travel to Toronto for a tourney :frowning:

And the Doomsday was facing some interestingly scrubby scrubs. People back dashing to avoid Supernova only to eat it. I saw a dude who literally couldn’t block a single Earth Shaker, and just ate them one after another.


Tournament needed more testers imo.


The community near me (the dudes who run TTT and Toryuken) seem to mainly play MvC3 which I am balls at, and also mostly meet in this small ass town I have no way of reliably getting to. So not a surprise that their Iinjustice tourney would end up so mid tier.


Well the top three Injustice plahers are likely Reo, Tom Brady, and Chris G.

I am very close to putting Perfect Legend in there somewhere. But I don’t think he’s won anything yet.

Also Michaelangelo will be playing Injustice in tourneys soon. He might pose some real problems for a few players.


the Toryuken Injustice matches were pretty much all Raven, Doomsday, Aquaman, and Catwoman. How you gonna celebrate Doomsday winning a major, when he fought none of the big guns, like Batman?

And yeah, those three are the top players. Perfect Legend was beast in MK9, so I don’t see him doing too badly in this.

Also Arturo has gotta be one of the tops


Y’all might wanna check out teamsp00ky right now, chris g putting the hurt on with black adam. I wonder who he is going to settle on as his main, I thought it was gonna be arrow after last week but he proved me wrong. Knowing chris though he’ll probably spend the first year of this game playing all sorts of characters before he settles on a “main”. And even then I doubt he’ll ever use one character exclusively.

Either way his black adam is looking really good. Speaking of adam, I’m surprised at the lack of adams considering all the prerelease hype surrounding him. I thought at the very least more people would be giving him a shot, he seems really good(but this early in a game’s life almost every seems good).


I think Black Adam is one of the more popular characters. The Black Adam forum on TYM is the 2nd most active character forum, and everybody is bandwagoning him. Hopefully his execution barrier will keep some people out, because I don’t want him to get unfairly nerfed.


I think his trait along with other things attracts players to him. I definitely see he needs good execution for more than that, though.

Spooky finishing Injustice soon. :smiley:


Shows how much I know, I was basing my opinion on my stream views so far and he was surprisingly MIA.




So who put CD in losers? His Doomsday is nasty