Injustice Tourney. 50$ First place! FREE ENTRY! XBL only


My site is promoting a FREE XBL injustice tournament! 50 bucks will be given to the first place winner!!! join up now!

(Dont worry PSN players. we will be hosting the same tournament the following saturday with the same prize!!)

Date: 7/20/13
Time: 8:00 PM est.


-Games will be best 2 out of 3
-Winners finals, Losers finals, and Grand finals will be best 3 out of 5
-Tournament will be double elimination
-If you win your character is locked. Losers can change.
-Levels are 50/50
-All characters allowed
-No ragequitting. You ragequit, you forfeit the match.
-Must be a registered user of
-Must post entry at website mentioned above.


1st: $50.00

Payment will be distributed through PayPal


How did the tournament go?


I’d be curious to know how many people signed up.