Injustice's online play is an injustice


Like holy crap. As a street fighter vet, this game is so different. Not much of a fan of target combos being the only combos outside of air juggles… Getting blown up by the most random stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. Literally got blown up by a joker player doing the same attacks over and over. Jump in -> target combo, repeat. Block everything like im supposed to but i seem to be getting punished for trying to punish his jump ins. Its the craziest amount of hit stun or lag that I’ve ever seen. Offline, this game plays amazing. Online is a whole other story…


I completely agree with you. I was getting blown up by a Deathstroke player who clearly facerolling on the controller. He kept spamming deathstroke’s spinning sword attacks up close, and when he was far away he’d spam the guns. The guns were easy to deal with, it was the random sword spinning shit that was difficult to deal with online. My buttons weren’t even coming out at times, attacks would come out about 2-3 seconds after I pressed the buttons. Online Injustice truly is an Injustice. But judging by NRS’ history with netcode this isn’t a surprise, but a huge disappointment nonetheless.


If you want to rant about Injustice, use the thread in fighting game discussion or use your blog. The newbie dojo is for asking questions/improving.