Ink illustration... girl holding a head

did it for a class… its supposed to be an ode to the illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley’s “Salome” work. Kinda my take on it…

Nice work bro~!!! :lovin: —A+

sup dj… thanks man… didnt know u browse the fan art galleries too

It looks pretty nice. The mouth and the nose, of the girl more specifically look a little strange (chin maybe as well). The ankle and the foot look a little overdone and out of place considered the style. Overall, I like it.

Nice, clean work, mate. I think the prints on the fabric could be lightened a little to set it apart.

hey thx for the feeback guys really appreciate it

wierd, but freakin awsome, dude:tup:

did that girl kill that guy?

Cool. The design on the clothes looks purrty.

once again… thanks for the comments everyone…

karateghost: the story behind it is actually a bible story. its when this chick named salome wanted to seduce john the baptist, but john the baptist like the holy man that he is, didn’t give in. So Salome got pissed and told her dad, aka the king, to kill him and lop his head off… and so the rest is history

like i said… the drawing is a tribute from an artist named beardsley… this is the original drawing

that was nice use of vector lines did you draw them freehand(from pc) or traced ?