Inkblot's desktop (first dvd screenshot)

i guess your hard at work on the dvd.

Not really your DESKTOP, but its good to see that your working hard for the people awaiting the dvd.

Wow, nice photoshop skills. Looks like it will be an awesome dvd.

nice wallpaper.

Looking good! Is there an ETA for when the DVD will be out or for preorders?

his name is KinDebu not KinDevu, FYI …



and you spelled championship wrong! (You spelled it ‘chapionship’ under Evolution title on top)


That’s a running joke. :smiley:

Peep Sakura cowering in fear before Iori. :smiley:

I think the question on everyone’s mind is: what song is playing in the winamp window?

must be evolution :0

who WOULDNT be scared of iori though?

Actually, it’s both. SPOKEN, everyone calls him KinDebu (lit. Golden Fatty). But whenever it is written, the katakana for “u” with a diacritic mark is used. This is the modern way to indicate a “v” sound, as traditional Japanese doesn’t have that sound.

Wow, looking good there InkBlot. :slight_smile:

Then you better go catch it. :lol: