Inkblot's Evo 2009 Shoutouts

Well, that’s another Evo in the books. This year presented a ton of new challenges for the team: more players, new technical challenges with HD games, more things going on at once on the floor, etc, etc. Evo literally could not have happened without the heros below:

My thee partners in crime: MrWizard, Ponder, and S-kill. Wiz once again came through with a fantastic facility at the Rio and did the 1000 little things that no one sees but have to happen to pull off a great event. Ponder did the unprecedented by running most of a 1050 man double-elimination tournament in one day while simultaneously running several other tournaments. S-kill is quite simply the best Street Fighter commentator on the planet, and brought the hype all weekend long, this year sending it out to the whole Internet via our stream.

Remaining Evo Staff: James Chen, ShinJn, SicDic, Rob Ingram, tragic, etc. etc. These guys give up a large part of their Evo weekend to help us put on a good show, and always come through. If I’m forgetting anyone it’s only because I’m sleep deprived. Forgive me.

Volunteer judges: These guys donated a ton of their time to ensure that our tournaments finished on time. They attended a training session Thursday night then worked for 6 hours straight without food doing what’s basically a thankless job. You guys rocked it out.

Stream commentators: Big shoutout for Keits for managing the commentators all weekend long, and thanks to the rest of the commentators. It’s not easy to put yourself out there in front of everyone. It wasn’t perfect, but you guys did a fantastic job and I know we learned a lot.

**Fighting game fans: ** Finally a huge shoutout to all the players, spectators, and SF fans for being the most hype gaming community on the planet. Sunday night we filled a 22,000 sq. ft room to standing room only with people flowing out the doors. Most of those people in that room were players who really had no shot at winning the tournament, but flew out on their own dime to compete and play with other folks who just love Street Fighter. I could be wrong, but I doubt you’ll see that level of commitment and passion from any other game community anywhere on the planet, bar NONE. Let’s keep it going.

**Misc shoutouts: ** Sanford for finally winning MvC2 and showing everyone what’s up with Cammy, Sabre, Jibbo, and DaggerG for rocking the SF4 low tier, Dogface, folks and anyone else who covered the event, DJWheat for tips on the stream, Tomo (stay in school kids), Evo Pimp, Starbucks Coffee, non-shoutout to Southwest Airlines for delaying my return trip by 2 hours.

I think that’s it. I’m going back to sleep…

Yeah man, I was glad to be part of it even knowing I had 0% chance at winning it.

So you guys basically just hibernate for two or three months now, right?

evo pimp, good shit.

Some of us ran 2 pools on friday as well, so thats more like 12 hours. Less though, because I was done with 3s by 1:00 or so and I finished my SFIV pool by 9:30, so it wasn’t really that bad for me since I got some time between to grab some food and take a nap, but I know a few pools went a lot longer.

But on the real, congrats to everyone on the staff for pulling it off, you guys made it amazing

Shout out to Evo Pimp is epic.

Big thumbs up to Tom and the rest of the Evo2k crew! You guys did an amazing job. :smiley:

big shout out to Sabre, Jibbo, and DaggerG most def. i followed sabres sakura shit, and it was so nice to see him doing work with her, and that guild too. oh that guile.

shout out to all the tvc heads. made me wanna play more and all that jazz. i hope i can get over my current dislike for u.s version of tvc, and hopefully they bring some things back. best thing about tvc is like its a small group, but everyone is good to very good at the game. good times.

evo2k10 is gonna be bigger. are you ready! holy fuck next years evo is gonna be huge. i cannot wait.

Yeah inkblot something was up with southwest and those B gates, they had like 5 planes waiting to get a gate when i left

I got delayed by southwest too. BOO !

But big thanks to the cannons, wizard, seth , watson, and all evo staff for making this tourny possible.

Dogface for throwing sick side tournys and cigarbobs cab that everyone enjoyed.

Capcom for bringing MvC2 and TvC for demo play with sticks on supply.

Bandai Namco for bringing sweet HDTV set ups and tekken 6 for everyone to play and plenty of posters.

The rio for hosting us gamer nerds and giving us plenty of cups and cold water to drink :).

Ono-san for coming and supporting Evo and the players. He is the much cheerful and happy guy ive ever seen i swear.

And you the players and spectators ! Making evo what it is and making it hype ! See you all next year <3 !

Thanks for playing !

Presented by Capcom ! * And namco bandai , aksys games , madcatz , evo staff, ect :stuck_out_tongue: *