Inking question

are most comic are ink in computer now? i noticed that the lines have equally stroke size, i personally thinks its crap, i like how they ink in old comic books where the lines look crisp smooth and the sizes were varied…
edit: i was wrong, i look carefully and the stroke size are not all the same, but they still look jagged, not crisp and smooth, look like cheap ink or something.

No, but a lot of them are computer colored now. I’m not an expert, but I would assume that advances in printing technology are responsible for finer and more varied stroke sizes making it onto the finished page. Lines no longer have to be as uniformly bold and straightforward as before.

Not at all. It’s still pretty uncommon for finishing to be done digitally. The pieces you reference are likely done with tech pens, which is instrument of choice of many new school inkers.

The preferred tools either a good ol’ brush or a Hunt 102. Scott Williams is a god with a 102.

most inking is hand-done.

Though, Coloring is mostly digital now (and much cheaper, which is good for the indies).

inking shouldn’t be digital. and it should stay that way

brush inking will never disappear. rob stull is a god…he was basically training me for a bit when i was really interested in inking when i was younger.

Most inking is still done by hand, there’s a few exceptions though.
A lot of what people call “digital inking” really is just tight pencils with the contrast cranked up.

I’d rather be digitally inked, at this level. Maybe if I make it higher up the totem pole but right now, the traditional inkers I’ve had have ruined me.
A good inker will make you better, but a bad inker will make you worse.
Digital inks means you only have yourself to blame.

i dont think udon inks any of their comics. if they do its digital inking. thats like the only company i can think of that doesnt really have an inker.

Jamie Grant has been digitally inking Frank Quitely’s work for the past few years. Quitely was also digitally inked on his last arc on New X-Men.

Aspen doesn’t really either.
They have a couple books with an inker but Turner’s is all Peter’s colors and Iron and the Maiden is all pencil under Danimation.

its cuz no inker wants to ink turners ass art.