Inland Empire Unite!


Isn’t it about damn time the IE started its fighting scene up? Lets make it happen!

I’m looking for fellow fighting game enthusiasts in the general area to start a community with. I live in Beaumont, but am down for commuting.

Get some casuals going first, possibly some streaming, then work on getting some tournaments together, and from there, who knows!

I personally play Persona as my main game, but am getting back into Marvel, and looking to pick up a 3D fighter as well.

So whatever game you play, let’s get together and let the rest of California know the IE is a threat!

Yucaipa, CA Area outer I.E

IE is already a threat lol…

That’s where you can find IE BattleGrounds. They host sessions, ranbats, and tourneys at James Games.




I appreciate the share, but I was already familiar with the James Arcade scene.

I was looking at starting some stuff up outside of that, give people more opportunities to play and offer different challengers.

There is a round 1 in Moreno that just opened up, and if enough of us got together I’m sure things like tournaments out there are an option.

There’s virtually nothing going (that I’m aware of) for the Hemet, Beaumont, Moreno, Riverside crowd, and hopefully that can change.


Ucr does some stuff sometimes. Honestly though, James games and wnf is where to go for marvel


I work like 10min away from the Moreno Valley Round 1… no ones ever there…

Just people randomly playing SF4 and Tekken by themselves.

I go there occasionally on my lunch to play AH3, but I doubt you’d find enough people to do a tourney for anything other than SF4.


Im also from inland empire (Riverside) Its really hard finding people to hangout to play casuals or even a tournement scene…


Well I’m building a local scene here in Temecula that can help out Murrieta and Hemet. I’m working hard on helping out my part of IE.


Im also from the IE in the Colton/San B area. As far as a i know it’s virtually dry of any FGCs.


Anyone in the IE, preferably Riverside or UCR mod sticks?
I got a madcatz stick that desperately needs modding and a chip to mode it 3 way.
Anyone mod for some compensation by chance??


Go visit Tech Talk, plenty of people there.


No I know… Its just that I wanted to see if anyone in the IE specifically does it.


There are plenty of modders in the IE,they’re all located in the Tech Talk board.



Oh really? What game(s) do you play?


Also, for everyone here, UCR now have a weekly fighting game club that plays every Saturday, open to everyone regardless of where you go to school.


Marvel and AE. 6 stations on ASUS monitors, 3 stations per game. I hold them at my friends comic book store, Thou Shalt Game.




My brother goes to UCR! I’ll make sure to hit you up.

What games do you play?

My brother plays MK, I play MK, AE, SG, and 3s.


My wife will be working at UCR here soon so i guess i will have to hit that up haha. Also im in Yucaipa and play just about everything though im terrible at marvel.