Inline blade (original story)

Hello fellow SRK button spamming destroyers. I have been around for a bit and have seen his section die down. I think this is an important section of SRK to let the users of this site unleash there skills in writing, haiku, drawing etc etc… I have a story I have been always writing off and on between my training and garrison days and I would like to share it with other SRKers. Hopefully I will get some feedback or inspire another person to share there creativity with us all. If I feel I’m getting some positivity with my story then I will continue to post more.

Story overview:
The year is 2016 and the planet has gone silent. The united nations or any form of government no longer exist. No one knows how it started or where it came from; but it spread across the world in a global pandemic. Only few have survived this horrific event and are now forced to fight for there survival with the ones they once called family. The undead now walk the earth and feast upon the flesh of the living. The few that have managed to survive are now holded up inside of a underground bunker struggling to stay alive. And that’s where our story begins.

The streets of Ishikawa were dead silent. The once bustling city that was Ishikawa was now in disarray. Cars lay scattered across the road with there windshields busted open and the driver side doors ripped off of their hinges. Broken glass and trails off blood littered the roads and sidewalks. The last sound heard was an eardeafing scream from then distance as a woman took her last breath.

Suddenly a gunshot rang out throughout the city as a man with inline skates grinded down a dimly lit alleyway.

“shit” he said as he turned his head back around.

Three creatures began running alongside the man on both sides screaming. The creatures flesh seemed like it was burned off with acid and their entire ribcage was exposed through the flesh. The first creature shot it’s arm straight as an arm blade shot out of it’s wrist. He the swung the blade toward the mans feet. The man quickly hopped up then shot his feet back Down; trapping the blade in-between the groves of his skates. The creature began to be dragged under the mans skates down the alleyway. He then withdrew his sword and slashed the creatures arm off and returned his blade to his backstrap with lightning speed. The man put his head down as he continued to grind forward.

" I hate this nightmare!!!" he screamed as he grabbed the severed blade and jumped into the air. He turned in mid-air and threw the blade with his right hand hitting another creature in the throat as it disappeared into the darkness. The third creature dove toward the man driving his armblade forward. With his left hand he withdrew his gun and met the beast in mid attack landing the gun in it’s mouth. He quickly fired and blew the bottom half of the creatures mouth off and the blast of the gun illuminated the the dim alleyway.

The man continued to grind out of the alleyway and found himself on the main road of ishikawa.

“Kaze where are you?” a voice said in his earpiece.

" the information you gave me was—" Kaze was cut off before he could finish

" I don’t give a fuck! Get back here now there gonna be all over soon; they know your there now making all of that noise." the voice said.

“rodger that” Kaze said.

Kaze took a deep sigh
"Damn old fart, He knows I can damn well take care of myself out here; I’m the one who saved his ass anyway!" he said to himself

Kaze suddenly stopped and turned his head around. He saw several creatures running in his direction. His eyes widened
"damn" he said as he ran in the other direction. He saw four creatures coming at him from that direction as well. He continued to skate forward and did a flying kick and hit the first creature. Kaze continued to ride the creature like a surfboard and slashed the other three creatures in half in succession. Once the body lost momentum he drove him skates on the creatures throat crushing it. Kaze quickly turned As the 4 creatures from before continued to chase him. He quickly withdrew his gun and fired two bullets hit the first creature in the chest dropping it. The second and third creature attacked together, Kaze barely made the dodge as one blade cut his sweatshirt. Kaze quickly dashed forward and brought both guns under the creatures chins and fired at both of them. The creatures heads exploded in a pulpy mess as the fourth one swung several times at Kaze. It swung and swung as Kaze contented to backstep. Kaze then backstepped into a wall as the creature brought his blade for another swing Kaze nimbly rolled to the right. The creature brought his blade over Kaze and dropped it down. Kaze quickly steped to the left and drove his foot on the blade as it struck the floor. He twisted his grounded foot as he brought his right for up and stopped it right in front if the creature.

“just kidding” he said as he instead withdrew his gun and blasted the front of it’s face off. The blood squirted onto his face and on his clothes.

A mmob of creatures began to come out if the alleyways toward Kaze’s direction. Kaze quickly skated to a nearby ladder and climbed to the top. He looked down below as the creatures attempted to get up but failed in the process. He continued to skate on the rooftops hoping from small building to small building… As he skated he thought of his past

“everything was going so good for me” he said to himself.
“my friends tak, Mimi…” as he thought this names all he could see was the horrid look of there mangled bodies on the floor of there homes.
"That day… I said things to her… Things she may never forgive me for… How could I have done that to her… She cared for me… And the last memory I have is the tears in her eyes… Then (the image of her body flashed back) as they flashback hit Kaze lost his balance of the jump and landed onto the ground.

“damn it damn it” he said as he pounded the ground and tears fell down his check. He then looked up as a laser was pointed on his head.

“move motherfucker and I’ll shoot!” the voice said

End chap 1