Innovation PSX/Saturn to Dreamcast Adapter

Does anyone have these? I have 2 of them for my Saturn Controller

On the Playstation Side, Why is L & R on R1 & R2 …I can’t use my PS2 Saturn Controller with it

I am going to get this for my PS Fighters, and using it on my Dreamcast Adapter, But the Button Layout is stupid, It should be L on L1 & R on R1 like other Adapters

Because thats how the buttons are mapped on the PS2 version of the Saturn Controller
L&R is old school mapping (mostly SNES and PS1 fighting games), R1 and R2 is new school mapping

For the Dreamcast you really want is a Saturn to Dreamcast converter with a actual Sega Saturn pad.

Lets see how I can explain it clear

Most PS Fighters with L1 and R1 you can Map Moves to the Button

On this Adapter using the PS Controller with DC Fighters like SSF2X the L&R Triggers are Mapped to L1&L2 or R1&R2 on Joystick using the Sega Layout useless

Now the Adapter I linked is for SNES to PS Adapter…Hooking it up to the Innovation Adapter going to have the L&R Shoulder buttons on the SNES as the R Trigger on the DC Controller

Now can you understand?

I understood just fine.

I have the PS2 Sega Saturn controller, the purple Dark Stalker edition.
The button mapping on the controller it self goes as follows

Square, Triangle L1
X, Circle R1.

It isn’t the adapter, its the controller that us map that way
For me to use it with Street Fighter II, III, IV and V, Dark Stalkers collection, Marvel and any other fighting game I had to change the input to put heavy Punch on L1 and Heavy kick on R1.

Maybe I just buy the Total Control Adapter – It Maps the L&R Triggers to L1&R1 that’s what I want

So it will work with the PS2 Saturn Controllers, Street Fighter Anniversary Controllers & other Sticks that uses the L1&R1 as L&R