I am new to competitive SF and I really like Inoue who seems flexible with alot of characters and is really good, curious to see how SRK views him and how has he fared in tourneys?

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Inoue: You may have some luck searching for his name under “Ino.” I know he was one of the most feared CVS2 K-groove players that also came stateside for Evolution 2k3 (maybe others?) a few years back. He was playing 3s makoto even then but only really became an upper-crust top 3s player in Japan in the last two (maybe three?) years. There is some footage of his 3s ken in casual floating on youtube that is supposed to be one of the finest textbook examples of safe offensive play. His makoto was dubbed a chun-killer in one of the threads in the 3s forum.

If you like reading about old lore for previous games, a good place to start is tournament reports by top players for past U.S. and Japanese tournaments. I have never met Ino in person, but he has a blog for his SF4 activities that people were trying to translate a few months back. I’m not sure whatever happened with that, but if you can find that thread and read Japanese, you might be able to learn more about his recent thoughts about the game.

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Wait, that’s the same person?

Same Ino that out-turtled Kuroda in 3S? He’s godlike, but did you really have to make an entire thread for this?

Inoue is also referred to as just I-no. When I first started watching Evo videos back in 2k3 when he was the CVS2 K groove hero…people just called him Ino. I’m sure Inoue is just his full name or something. There’s a 3S Oro player named Inoue as well. Completely different person but yeah.

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