Inpin converter help

I just got this today and hooked it up to my hrap2 on my computer but it doesnt seem to work, all the lights on the inpin are on (1,2,3,4) and when i try to input keys on ggpo or 2df, it doesnt register anything, only keyboard strokes.

am i doing something wrong?

check the device manager and see if it installed correctly (might need new drivers or something), but I haven’t had any trouble with it -shrugs-

I had a problem randomly where I couldn’t bind any inputs on GGPO/2DF, after opening my stick and making sure everything was tightly secured on the buttons and stick it fixed the problem.

Your stick is new and so is your inpin so I don’t know :frowning:

the computer is reading it for sure, it says “playstation 3” on the usb port info.

look in the game controller section in the control panel and see if you can locate the controller in there.
then goto properties and see if it’s reading the inputs or not.

Thinking back on it, when I was trying to get my controller working with zinc it didn’t read the iputs during the button mapping, so I had to manually type in the config and from there it worked fine.

it’s reading it as “5 axis 19 button joystick” status = OK

how do you manually configure it?

when i go to my control panel and go to the game controllers tab, it reads it for a few seconds when i connect it then it randomly dissapears from the list saying its not connected properly.