Inpin PS2 -> PS3 converter dpad/analog stick problem


I recently got an Inpin converter, and I’m pretty pleased with it. No lag that I can detect, seems to work, it’s all good. However, I do have one issue.

When I connect it to my computer, it recognizes the dpad and left analog stick as the same set of inputs. it maps them both to the Y and X axis. This is a non-issue for 2D games but presents a problem when playing games that expect you to have a dpad and two analog sticks, with different stuff mapped to each.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before and did you find a solution?


Do you have Analog on on your Dual-Shock?


Yup. it defaults to on and you can’t turn it off for any significant time, it’ll turn itself back on within 2 seconds. I’m not saying “the dpad maps as the analog stick when the analog stick isn’t on.” I know a couple PS2 -> USB converters work that way. I’m saying they’re both on and they both function and the computer thinks they’re the same buttons.