InPin PS2 to PS3 converter errors


i had bought the Etokki ps2 to xbox 360 and ps2 to ps3 converters i ordered them on the 9th. I had finally got them today in the mail. I have been using the ps2 to ps3 converter for the past 3 hours just hitting training mode to practice tech and etc. for SF4 at Season’s Beatings next month and it worked extraordinarily .Now all of the sudden i noticed if i am holding :b: or after any inputs like doing an SRK,FADC combo ryu just all of a sudden will randomly crouching even when i’m walking forward or standing still and not pressing buttons.also when i’m in the menu if i don’t press any buttons it randomly will keep going down through the menu and navigate and it will continually do this even if i’m not near my controller or pressing buttons or down on the dpad or analog sticks. I thought this may just be my controller since all the other buttons are working fine, i switch out that PS2 controller for another one i own and while i’m not getting the random QCF inputs and etc. I noticed only 2 or 3 of my buttons register their inputs with the new controller, is this most likely my converter or is it my PS2 controllers that possibly could be causing this?