inPin's for trade

I’m trying to get some parts in stock at my comic shop for the local guys here and until I find a reasonable supplier, figure I can trade away new in box inPin’s for Sanwa/Seimitsu sticks and buttons. I’d also be interested in SE’s and T5’s.

What I’m thinking is:
1 inpin = 1 JLF/LS-32; 8 matching 30mm Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons; or a combination of GTY’s, 24mm buttons, ball tops and bat tops with adapter.
2 inpin + some shipping money = SE, T5

Please make any reasonable offers as well.

I have 6 brand new Seimitsu in Blue/Clear or Pink/Clear…
could do either set , we pay our own shipping each way?
the seimitsus are 3.95 (basically 4 each) so I think that’s closer than 8… sanwas are cheaper.
if the inpin is brand new in box, i will throw in a new GT-Y on my side.

PM sent

I’ve got a sanwa jlf joystick dark hai ball top and 12 OBSF-30 buttons, also dark hai if you’re interested

sure, what do you suggest? Are they new or used?

They’re lightly used, and by lightly used, I mean, I bought them to throw into a custom stick, so when I got them I tested them out to make sure they worked, and never used them after that cuz I never got around to finishing the stick. Pretty much as new condition and I’ll post pics later if you want

1 JLF for 1 inpin, we pay for our own shipping
8 OBSF buttons for 1 inpin, we pay our own shipping also

I got a pair of 24mm black plunger red button push buttons, prolly couple other stick parts lying around I gotta double check, how many inpins do you have for trade?

How many do you need? I try to keep them in stock at all times. Currently I have 6 or 7. Those two trades sound good. Let me know what else you have so we can just ship it all at once. Thanks!

Hey jinx, I’m not sure if u remember me but I was the guy who showed up for the weekly SF IV tourny about 2 months ago with my 2 sons. Would u be interested in getting a PS2 MAS stick for ur shop? I might need 1 of those inpins and then you could pay the difference in cash. That is if u want it. Let me know what u think. Thanks, dman.

Hey dude! Yeah I remember you. Pm me some details on the stick, price, pics etc. I have two IL sticks being finished for the shop, but MAS are nice so maybe I’ll take it for myself. Depends on money since I’m getting broke

Hey Jinx, sorry I’m lagging, but I’ve also got an LS-56 stick and a bat top, just need to find them, i’ll have a final tally of everything and i’ll post pics of them later today.

so should I set aside 3 or 4 for you?

Sending PM.

Are you looking for trades only or would you consider selling?

I’m really trying not to encroach on Laugh’s business, but if you really don’t want to ship from Korea, I can do it.

I’m getting a ton of offers right now so some of them might have to wait until next week when I get another order in. If this affects you I’ll PM you. In the mean time, no more trades until the dust settles please. Thanks!

replied to your pms