Input always response on frame #3 in windows


I have tested countless time with both win 7 and XP,with a 60 frame camera mode,when ever i tab a keyboard button it always respond on frame #3.

Same goes for joystick.

For example:on frame #1 my finger pressed the keyboard,on frame #2 nothing happened,on frame #3 a shadow of a letter appeared,on frame #4 the letter finished displayed on the screen.

I turn off aero in win 7,i had my graphic card setting to render on frame 1(with is the best you can do to reduce lag),my monitor has 9ms delay according to display database.

I’m guessing that the lag is something around 30ms,is there anyway to reduce this farther?

Can anyone do this test too and tell me whats your result? THX!


That isn’t Input lag, If you have to shut off Aero in Win 7 that called local machine lag/latency.
It can be ether your CPU or GPU is overtaxed or you have too little work ram, perhaps all three is the cause.

If your PC is up to specs for your game, then the Aero UI shouldn’t effect gaming at all.
I wouldn’t even bother with Win XP, that OS is a Dinosaur now with the rate how modern gaming gone along.
You are not going to get any relevant data with a Win Xp Machine unless it’s a game that does not run (or run correctly) in a Win 7 or better OS.

What is your PC specs?
OS including the bit version
CPU and it’s clock speed
Video Card

Mother board model
any Hard drives or SSD (and their sizes, any Raid arrays)
Is your Keyboard USB or PS/2
What other controllers you are using?

Not to sound elitist but; If your main drive (Hard drive) is running on a IDE ribbon cable, I hate to say this but you might be a little out of your league here.

The other factor is what game(s) are you testing for?
Street Fighter V in it self have a high degree of latency just in the game engine and this latency has nothing to do witht he controller or display.

Also the Camera method is far from the most accurate way to record frame data. It is nearly impossible to get the frame rate of your camera and the frame rate of your display in sync.

The best method is have a separate video capture device independent of your gaming PC, for most people this take the form of a 2nd computer with a video capture device.
Yes I know what I just suggested isn’t cheap, but this is what many Youtube and Twitch users use for their streams. The Benefit of having a second PC just for video capture is it does not impact the performance of the first machine in the slightest. But since you are having issues with Aero of all things, I doubt you have the budget to to this project with any high level accuracy.




I’m not talking about game,i’m just testing joysticks and keyboard in OS. With some input programs and built in control panel interfaces.

For keyboard i’m just typing letters.but for both joystick and keyboard i get the same result.


Go in further detail, all the hardware that can and could give you performance bottle necks

I am not trying to rib you, I just giving the honest lowdown

CPU or Processor. This will include The clock speed, number of cores (physical and logical), architecture, 32-bit or 64-bit and so on.
Northbridge (chip on the motherboard, allows the CPU to talk to the ram and video card)
Southbridge (chip on the motherboard, allows your CPU to talk to your I/O and Bios)
Video Graphics card (and it’s GPU)
The slot(s) the Video graphics card populate (On-Board, PCI, AGP, PCI-E, and PCI-E has its own speeds) If you are running Video via PCI or AGP slot, just stop now.
Ram Size
Ram Speed
Your hard drive speed (given in RPM)
The connector to your hard drive (is it IDE, SATA, ect)
Internet speed (for online game play)

Software concerns
Internet (again) And if you are running any downloads. Those downloads can eat not just bandwidth but also take up CPU cycles.
Any background programs or applications running (check Task manager).
Any “graphically intense UI” such as Aero. Honestly is Aero is an issue, you need a major hardware upgrade at this point, like a whole new PC.

The minimum system requirements for Win 7
[] 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
[] 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
] 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
[*] DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

What the recommended system specs are?
Pretty much double everything on that list.

2Ghz 64bit CPU, preferably multi core
As were going with a 64 Bit OS I say minimum of 4GB Ram
32GB of available hard drive space, preferably SATA interface.

I don’t even know where to start with the Video, as the Minimum specs are very vague. DX9 support isn’t hard to find in video graphics hardware.
But if I have to toss in a starting point, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 or GTX 570 would be a good starting point for what I Recommend.
its good enough to run Street Fighter V on minimum settings, and Street Fighter V does not have all that high of a system requirements

Oh by the way here is Street Fighter V’s minimum PC specifications
[] OS: Windows 7 64-bit.
] Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz.
[] Memory: 6 GB RAM.
] Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670, or better.
[] DirectX: Version 11.
] Network: Broadband Internet connection.
[*] Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset.

If you Run Window 7’s own built-in Benchmark tool (vista has this tool as well), it gives you scores for different categories.
This is found by Right clicking My PC and choosing properties.

1.0 is you just barely meeting the minimum system requirements
2.0 is you just match or just passing the preferred requirements
and the scale goes up to I think 7.9?

Windows own Tool is lousy, and there so many better Real world and synthetic benchmark apps that gives you much more realistic and useful information.
But here is how it for Bench marks, Real world benchmarks > Stress test tools > Synthetic Benchmarks > Window 7’s own tool.

More modern hardware should excel 7.9 in every category except for maybe Hard Drive.
A Physical Hard Drive via SATA is always going to top off at 4.5 or something like that.
A Solid State Drive (SSD) would be faster.

What this all have to do with Frame Rate Data?

Well if you system is not up to par, you aren’t going to get reliable accurate results.


No it’s not. if you can’t run Aero at the same time as this obscure game (that you yet to name), you need to rethink your setup.


Would you Mind to do the same test on your system to see how it goes?just type in letter in any .txt file,or use a joystick driver to see how each button response.


Considering I don’t have a capable video camera, no. I can’t reproduce your tests with the same testing procedures.


As someone that has worked in IT for 17 years…

Specs or GTFO.


When did this topic became related to Specs…


For reference

If anyone could take sometime to do the same test for your OS,i’m greatly appriecated!

By the way this thread is really off topic,wouldn’t it be common sense that any computer nowaday would have no trouble handling a .txt file?


when you said that disabling features allowed you to hit the frame input you were looking for.


Look at the reference i posted above,the Japanese one mentioned alot of graphic card setting,such as Vsync,Max frame rendering etc.They both mention that if aero was turned on it cause lag.


Every system has a modicum of input delay. Even the old arcade boards had 3 to 4 frames of lag. Moreso moderm systems running on an LCD - the latter of which also adds somd delay (no matter the response time, remember response time has nothing to do with lag).


That not input lag, thats your machine getting bogged down. Your game lagging as there too much for your CPU/GPU to run efficiently.


Try to use a translator or something for the japanese page,i can’t do translation much.

I repeated over and over,for me i test everything in a control panel(and other joystick utility) or .txt file,not within game,since everygame has its own delay.Stop bringing up the Specs topic please…you are ignoring everything i’ve said including the page i’ve posted,if you just wanna talk about Specs find some other thread.Btw won’t you even bother to do a simple test with your phone or any camera with 60 frame(It would take far less time then the long reply you’ve posted which has almost nothing to do with the topic),that would be really helpful,more testing is really appriecated(Even after you are accussing me of being a Troll in the other thread),especially if you are the one who thinks it vary from different platform.

I spend hours of testing to share my results,and i would really appriecate more testing from different people,i think i’ve made my point clear in my first post.

You are making both of my topic went to the wrong direction

here is another reference,just jump to the place where it mention delay for Vsync,skip the gaming part.

The reason why to turn off Aero is because it forces window(desktop level) Vsync,NOT because my computer failed to process a .txt file.

The Japanese page also mention that max rendering frame setting in GPU setting,also affect response time.


If i exclude the delay from the LCD,then my test result is something around 20ms of response time,my LCD has 9ms delay according to display database.Is 20ms the best PC platform could get,i don’t know,thats why i would really appriecate more testing from different people.


How bout just play vidya games