Input delay question(s)

Can anyone confirm which console version of SF4 has the closest resemblance to the arcade? Meaning exact input delay, regardless of the monitor.

And do standard arcade cabinet displays in Japan and North America run on 60hz or 100hz ?

Lastly, has anyone experienced 0 delay/lag playing online? I heard people in Japan have 0 delay/lag, but it seems unlikely.

Sorry for making a new topic, I couldn’t find a good answer through search.

  • PSN got slightly more lag than XBox/PC/Arcade.
  • No clue
  • Pretty sure that 0 delay online is technically impossible

There’s no such thing as “0” lag online and in SFIV there’s artificial lag even in offline play. However, most online matches I play here in Europe have no more lag than offline play, and that is probably the common case in Japan as well.

The japanese don’t have 0 delay, but it’s so close to it that it nearly resembles online. But consider that Japan has GODLIKE internet, running near at 50mb/s. If you’re living in America, your internet connection is nowhere NEAR that.