Input Help Fireball FADC ultra 2

Hi guys, I know that there is a very strict timing for FADC ultra 2
and I really can’t get it to be consistent. If I can get this down I think my tournament performance
would improve.
So I ask you guys? Is there an input shortcut for doing this? Can I buffer anything or shortcut anything to make it more lenient? I’m doing it without shortcuts (66 236236+KKK) and I find it extremely difficult. Because u have so little time to input (236236) after doing a forward dash. U can mash on 3 starting from the FADC (33 333333+ KKK) to the ultra but depending on how you hold the stick you can’t do it for both sides easily.

So are there input shortcuts or techniques to do this more consistently? or just practice practice practice?

*Also, In order to assure youre going to get an ultra and not EX fuha, you press the KKK more than once. It works for me

God how I tried buffering QCF but to no avail. I’m afraid you really have to hardcore input it.

I practiced it for a long time and the only thing I managed to buffer is the dash during the focus attack. So I go like:, lk fuhajin release, now here I press forward at the same time as mp+mk, so next I only need to press forward once to dash cancel, and I immediately start mashing QCFx2+3 kicks.

Timing is indeed tight.

Just keep practicing and you’ll eventually get the timing down.

Doing it the sequential way like your meant to is the best way overall because it would help your execution overall.

There is a way to make it slightly easier but it also requires you learning it.

Instead of:

Release > Focus Attack > Dash > Ultra

You do

Release > Dash > Focus Attack > Ultra

You give yourself more time to do the QCF’s because you input the dash just before you press focus attack, if done right the dash comes out and you give yourself abit more time to make the inputs.

This is exactly that advice i was hoping for!! ok hopefully this works for me :slight_smile:

edit: It does seem kinda weird but theoretically it will give me more leniency. I dont think there are other characters whos FADC ultra is as fast/tight as Juri’s. Im so used to Juri FADC then if i do RYU’s shoryu FADC ultra 1 it will whiff cause i did it to fast. I think Dan’s is pretty tight also but i’ve never tried.

That’s how I do it. I suggest looking at your hands after releasing the fireball, that has helped me improve my motions. I have also found you don’t need to do 236, 236. In SF4, down-forward also counts as forward, so you can go 23, 236 + 3K

It takes time to get this. An easier way to combo into U2 is releasing> focus attack lv2> dashing> Ultra. Connecting FA lv2 is not hard.

Yeah that one isn’t hard at all. but you have to master the distance on which it will hit. And different character hitboxes etc etc. It is only guaranteed in the corner. If you use it as a poke It will amost always whiff. But I suppose i should practice that as well.

It doesn’t only work in the corner. But you have to be close enough to your opponent for the FA to hit.

A reason why the other version is better (fadc level 1) is that you can land it from far away (around sweep distance) when you’re fishing for counter hits for example.

To my knowledge, this doesn’t work. Unless you’re mashing forward while you are pressing mp+mk… You can’t really buffer the dash before the focus attack. It’s impossible. The dash doesn’t come out. I tried it several times yesterday. I’ll try again though, maybe I’m not doing it right…

Buffering and breaking down the inputs. Practice lk fire ball to fadc to u2. Should help you a bit.


That was kinda useless lol.

It works, and it’s like this: release fireball, as you feel it’s about to hit you tap forward twice plus mp + mk, and the dash comes out,


LOL funny advice Juri Kill Friend you seriously made me laugh for about 20 seconds hehe.
Anyway the method does work. I’ve tried it and looked at the inputs. Obviously you don;t need to master this if you can master the Raw version. But this is good compromise If your at youre physical limit with the combo LOL. Physical limits in SF hahaha

This is something that i’ve practice for literally more than a day. The amount of time i’ve spent trying to get this down has been more than 24 hours. I would come home and practice it until someone sent me a PM for matches. It was the only thing I really practiced before I gave up on it. I even gave it another shot to make my final choice before dropping the ultra completely. I figured if I was going to use that ultra at all I had to have a serious way to go into it. This (IMO) is the best way still, but also the hardest. Hows that for risk/reward?

Juri Kills actually gave the best advice if I read it correctly. Break it down. Find out what you’re doing wrong. Because saying “oh the inputs arent working” is like saying “oh i threw my controller and it didnt come out”. Let me explain.

Whats happening when you do it? Are you getting Ultra 2 EVERYTIME, only its too late? Are you getting ex fireball? Are you getting Hk? Are you getting Focus attack? I’ll try and explain them all.

Ultra 2 Activates: Youre too slow. I suggest using one of these inputs:

  • xx f+release > F+FA > Ultra 2. Buffer the dash in the two moves.
  • xx release > F, F, FA > Ultra 2. Dash inputs are still valid.
  • xx release > F, F+FA > Ultra 2. The Focus attack input is now F+MK+MP. Makes it easier in your head imo.

Ex Fireball activates: Sloppy inputs. I suggest breaking down the steps. Here is your plan for working up to getting at least the first situation (Ultra 2 comes out, but you’re slow).

1)First practice the QCFx2 Motion. Pick Ryu, put dummy on all block and infinite meter. Practice both sides until you can do it consistantly.

2)Ryu’s Shoryuken fadc Ultra 1. The timing of this is a little slow. You have all the time in the world to get really precise inputs. Work on it until you can do this sleeping. Really try and only get qcf motions and no silly shortcuts or anything.

3)Cody’s Kick FADC Ultra 1. Practice this until you can get this down consistantly. Both sides please. The timing for this a little fast so you gotta have your inputs down along with your speed.

Now that you can do the motion’s with no problems, lets take juri back into the lab.

1)Back dash > Super (with all 3 kicks). Sounds silly, but this actually the motion for fadc > Ultra 2…only slower. If you can do this consistantly, you’re on your way to getting this down. If you get ex pinwheel, you’re inputs are still sloppy.

2) xx release > FADC > QCFx2 + lk. Sounds silly again, but heres why. This is an easy way to test all of your excecution except for doing the ultra. The other characters Ryu and Cody + your super training should have gotten your inputs down, this is just to makes ure you have a firm grasp on the other aspects of this. If you do it right, it should hit. If not, and its blocked…you’re too slow with your fadc.

3) xx release > FADC > ultra 2. If you followed this, you should be at the point where you can do it all no problem, both sides.

  • HK comes out. If hard kick comes out, you’re plinking your ultra input. Just as a test, try and put one of your buttons to 3K. Does this help your situation? If so, you might wanna make sure your coming down on all of the kicks and not pianoing your hits.

  • Focus Attack comes out without the dash. If this is true, your execution on your focus attack is sloppy. You’re not holding the focus attack long enough to dash cancel it. Or, you’re not inputing your dashes correctly. If you use the advice to dash first, then focus attack, your dashes arent close enough to the focus attack.

These are just things that you can use to get beter at Ultra 2 from focus attack. I personally have like…70% success on the p2 side, and a really poor success on P1. I decided that it wasn’t worth my while to use Ultra 2 rather Ultra 1 would buff what I think is the best thing about juri anyways.

Let me know what you think. FADC ultra 2 is very hard and is a really advanced setup. To use this properly you have to become better. This is my white whale. When I can do this, then I wont drop fadc > C.hp. lol. I also will be able to do dive kick (all hits) dash forward > ultra 1 on p1 side.

essentially…if you cant do this, you have to improve your execution in someway. So…do so! Dont just find a shortcut for this ultra, actually get better.

EUREKA BREAKTHROUGH!!! Cause I have not seen this method listed anyway. I dont know for other characters. But I waited till the second time I got it before posting.

There is a short cut.
Use D DF F (236) for the second forward input in the dash. What do I mean? Instead of doing FF (66) for the Dash use (6,236).
So Basically your (236) for the 2nd forward in the dash input as well as the first QCF in the ultra command. So you only have to do QCF one more time.
However to make it a lot simpler and cleaner you combine this with the trick posted above which is dashing before actually pressing the MP+MK.

This is the BEST possible input using this method (Alot easier, and alot less strict in timing)

Im gona use cr.MK as the normal before the fireball

Cr.MK > (6 + Fireball Release) > MP+MK > 236, 236 + KKK

Ideally the exact inputs should be like this (Does not have to be exact as long as you get the concept)

:f: (This is the 2nd F for the dash, and also the first QCF for the ultra)
:f: (Fuhajin Release)

Please test this out and tell me how you find this method. I’m going to practice it a bit more.
Ah!!! The things we can do if we put our head together. LETS GO JURI! Light at the end of the tunnel!

Already tried it back in the day when i had trouble with it, too overcomplicated to do on the spot due to how unnatrual it is.

Whatever works for you but at the end of the day i think its always better to learn it the proper way, it took me ages but i have it down now. Albeit i think i only use U2 in like 5-6 matchups but its there for when i need it.

Same as Mike here. I can reliably hit this on p2 side if I buffer the dash f, mk+mp, f then ultra. P1 side I actually still have issues doing the 236 236 during this combo. Normally i cheat it 23 236, but for whatever reason I fail horribly going p1 side. There’s always a possibility the input leniency won’t make it into future releases. It’s probably a good idea to learn without it. That’s the route i’m practicing now.

Then again there’s always this.

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Not being able to do something executionally is a sign of needed improvement. Why don’t we all focus on this together. We need to come up with a way to drill ourselves on this.

^ In my case it’s more a need of a new controller lol.

Time to throw my good ol pad away and finally get a stick.

It just requires more manual dexterity than most execution. I honestly dont think its that hard to overcome, just make sure you FADC asap on fireball release and youre laughing.

Things that can help:

  1. a lagless monitor (duh)
  2. Changing the way you hold the stick, if your not using your entire hand your wasting potential effort.
  3. Dont practise it for longer than 15-30 mins, your execution drops because you get tired and frustrated, i remember noting this more so learning Haida Loop combos in Blazblue CS with Noel.

Its a 3 frame link, the move cancels off the last 1-2 frames of the dash and because its a special its got a larger input window, its not as hard as you might make it out to be.

I think my suggestion in identifying what’s wrong with your input and working on that is fair.

My problem is dashing then ultra. I have a hard time with this Because my inputs for ultra on p1 side is not just 236236. It’s like.

1236123, hk+mk, lk, hk+mk+lk.

My inputs are often sloppy and this needs to be addresses not just for ultra from fadc but in general. I can’t srk properly. Heh. Stuf like that.