Input help/tips?



I was watching this video


If you skip to around 2:35 you will see Chris do gunshot H -> Forward M -> gunshot H

I was messing around with it in training and man is it tricky, it seems to land about 75% of the time because the game thinks I want a Z motion (forward -> QCF) Anyone have any tips on this or thoughts?

Thanks for the insight.


You have to go to neutral in between the forward M and the Magnum to get the most consistent result. Pretty much do forward M and then let go of the stick (or take your thumb off the pad) for a split second and then input the quarter circle forward H. Takes a little practice but it’s great to master. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. Ill try that out.


I tend to do the :f: :m: then slam the stick back and do a full half circle motion for the next magnum. Generally works out for me if I do it quickly enough.


That’s the other method to get it consistently. Many top players use this in Marvel (MarlinPie does all half circle motions instead of quarter circle, presumably to do walk forward Thunder Knuckles) and Street Fighter (I know Air does only half circle forwards for fireballs to use them while walking forward as well) so experiment with both and see which one works best.


This is what I do as well.