Input issue with Maystick PS2/PS3/PC stick

I just purchased this stick for my PS2 (Got it for free. Long story). When I got it in the mail yesterday, I tried it out and so far I have two issues with the stick.

  1. The input confirmation is totally off when I input, say, a DP motion punch on the left side of the stage. Example, in CVS2, I cannot for the life of me do an SRK but when I do it on the right side of my opponent, it comes out 100% of the time. How much will fixing this issue cost me? Or is there a way to fix this? :\

  2. For some reason, the button layout is a little odd. If you look at the picture in the link, button 5 and 1 are 3xPunch and 3XKick. Is there a way I can change this? I tried doing so through game controller in windows 7 and reassigned the buttons but that did not take change. Any other ideas?

Overall, What are your thoughts on this stick? Is there a better stick for the PS2 I can get? I do not mind replacing parts for the one I have now but i’m trying to go for the cheapest approach to the issue.I’m just a little upset I might have made a bad investment. -_-


Bad news:
The stock parts on that stick are horrid. While the joystick uses Omron switches, the spring is loose and the actuator is tiny. The buttons are giant, unresponsive pad buttons. It’s just not a good stick.

Good news:
While it’s small, it’s a good case and modding is fairly simple. You can follow this guide, as the case and parts are identical.