input issue


With Abel I can do followed by fireball motion and he will sweep into a roll with only one button press.

This is a great shortcut to use for that character, but screws up combos with other characters.

Yang for example; If I try to do his, xx hp rekkas combo it winds up ending with his dash/teleport 50% of the time instead of hp rekka.

What can I do to prevent this input shortcut from happening?


This input trick is called negative edge. To avoid your problem, try not to hold the buttons down for too long as the release counts as an input. My suggestion is to tap the buttons quickly (no mashing though).


Thanks MrSparkman, makes sense.

I’ll get to work on tapping. :slight_smile:


Understanding now why it was happening, I have found another way to get around it that doesn’t force me to change my timing.

That’s to simply hold the kick button down while doing the hp rekka in the yang example, and release after it executes.

This will probably be a bad habit in the future, but works for now.