Input issues with Paewang Revolution PCB- Please Help

So I just built a new stick from scratch this past weekend.
I built it to have a hit-box style layout where i have Up/Down/Left/Right as buttons. Also, I added a Sanwa JLF on the left hand side because I sometimes like to use stick vs hitbox style. The directionals are individually grounded to the PCB and not daisy chained either. I also soldered off the circuit board that comes with the JLF stick and directly wired each microswith to the grounds/signals to the PCB.

I go into Street fighter x tekken training mode to test it out. Every thing works fine. All the buttons engage/disengage like they are supposed to and the joystick/button directionals work fine.

The only issue I have is if I try to input a Half circle back motion or Half circle forward motion on the hitbox button directionals the game only registers the forward, down-forward, back-forward, back inputs (This being for half circle back) and on the other side only back,down-back,down-forward,forward for the half circle forward. The game completely skips the down input. Its not because I am doing it very fast as I have been playing on hitbox for about six months now. I tried it very slowly and it still wont register down.

Here is the kicker - I tried to do the same motion on the JLF stick and everything registers fine. The down registers every single time but not on the hitbox button side.

I checked my soldering points and they are good. I am playing on PS3 btw if that matters.

Anyone with the paewang experience this issue or know how to deal with it? The only thing I can narrow it down to would be that the buttons are bad since I know my pcb is good because the JLF stick is picking up the inputs.

If you need any other details about the stick, please ask.
Thanks for the help guys.

The problem there is how the game handles two opposite directions being pressed at the same time, or SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions). As you roll from down-left to down to down-right, there’s no point where only down is pressed, so whichever the game gives higher priority of left and right is also being recognised as pressed at that moment, giving a down-left or down-right input. An easy way to see this is if you press just left and right at the same time: in most games, the character will move left or right.
There’s a lot of talk about it in the stickless arcade stick thread The “Stickless Arcade Stick” Thread and a PCB you can add to prevent these sorts of inputs is available from Toodles SOCD Cleaner Kit Now Available
Alternatively, it’s possible to learn to make sure there’s a point when you’re not pressing either left or right, but that’s a lot of effort and easy to mess up.

Thanks a bunch inblue. I was completely new to the issue of SOCD and after reading the last 2 hours about the topic I know that the SOCD cleaner kit will do the trick.

Curious…is there a way to hook up the Paewang PCB to my PC and modify the PCB controller output settings? i.e. I would like to make it so Right+Down+Left= Down? I don’t mind going the soldering route with the SOCD cleaner but if i can change the controller settings that would be ideal.

Nope, has to be done via hardware.

Thanks Toodles.
I ordered 2 of your SOCD cleaners yesterday. Can’t wait to install it. I tested my paewang today and it seems that if I am holding down and press up, it sends the up input. Is that native to the Paewang PCB or is that something Capcom has patched into the game (SFxT) Would I be able to use your SOCD cleaner to have it send neutral if both Down and Up are pressed because that is what want.

Take a peek at the questions in the beginning of that thread. Definitely let me know if you have any questions not answered there.