Input issues with SFxT VS stick for Xbox360


Im having issue with the joystick either not registering an input or continuously registering an input. Examples are not jumping at all, or being stuck walking in one direct/crouching. I had the issue about a year ago and replacing the joystick seemed to fix it, however this time around its much worse, more so the microswitch PCB appears to be completely functional when placed in other sticks. From what Ive been able to find online this issue can occur when the metal washer on the bottom of the stick falls out of place; Taking the stick completely apart I was able to find that the washer was still seated in its proper place. Im far from an expert but from what Im able to guess on basic trouble shooting its ether A) theres an issue with the PCB, or, B) perhaps there is a kink in the wires as the USB cord was pressed against them in the tight area everything is fit into. The problem seems to exist for other people, but aside from the washer I havent been able to find other answers to the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ive also insured that the control switch is set to “DP”, as that seems to be the first question everyone asks


Do you hear/feel the microswitches clicking back to neutral when it happens?


Check the harness from the joystick to the PCB for damage.


I can hear the microswitches returning to neutral. I’ve inspected the harness multiple times at both ends and didn’t see any external damage. Although, when I opened the stick from the bottom the usb had the middle of the harness kinked and pressed against the housing of the stick. I’m pretty sure a wire is broken internally similar to a head phone as the stick is now working fine. I think it’s just in the magic spot right that bridges the broken connection. Anywhere I can get a double headed harness to replace it?