Input lag? Controller problem or game mechanic?


Street fighter beginner here. Or rather, I’ve played it for years and have always been remarkably bad at it. I am BAD. With that out of the way:

I’ve noticed that some “normal” attacks take their sweet time coming out sometime. Particularly heavy punch and heavy kick. Sometimes I would mash the trigger or bumper five-six times and my character would just stand there with a stupid look on their face, and only after several mashes they would actually swing. What’s going on here? Is this some double-secret-reverse-blind-probation game mechanic I’m not aware of, or is my controller simply on the fritz?


chances are your monitor has tons of display lag. Go to to learn more


Aaand the first response is a troll. Sadly, just as expected. Anyone else?


Are you fucking kidding me? He gave you a real answer. It may or may not be input delay on your monitor v. Also heavy attacks aren’t something you can normally just mash out. You need to be more clear on what is happening. When you press the button once is there a delay between when the attack comes and when you pressed it? Or does simply nothing happen at all when you press it?


You have to time your attacks to do combos, you can’t just mash a button and hope it works. Learn the diffence between a link and a cancel, and some BnB’s. When doing a combo, if your character does nothing it means you pressed a button too soon, if your opponent blocks the attack then you’ve done it too late.


God srk sucks now


He said it was only with his trigger buttons, not everything. More than likely your trigger buttons are fucked.


Listen, disable v-sync set frame to “fixed”.
No more input lag


I will try that.