Input lag in 3S: OE?

Does anyone know if we’re going to have the same issue with the ps3 version of OE that we have with the SF4 series? The additional 1-2 frames of lag on the ps3 version of sf4 that isn’t apparent on the 360…

One frame additional input lag I thought it was. And yes it will still probably be there as apparently it’s innate to the PS3 platform.

why is it innate to PS3!?!?! UGH!

i’d like some conclusive proof (read: test results) that games other than sf4 have more input lag on ps3 than xbox. it’s something we should all be informed about before people start getting riled up with regards to 3SOE.

I feel it with every fighting game. But I don’t think it’s a big deal as long as the community agrees on which console to be the tourney standard.

its frustrating - i bought a TE stick for the ps3 and i feel like i shouldn’t have since the 360 versions are generally superior :-/

to quote my friend from a long time ago, “if it’s not arcade, it has lag”.

Comparison of input lag between PS3 and 360 on SF4, Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5

Input lag is inconsistent on it’s own consoles and it seems that it is a per game issue on which console has more input lag than the other.

HAhahaha you came PREPARED. Thanks for the info.

wow! so its clearly not the console… differs per game. CAPCOM, get your act together!!

Digital Foundry ( found
[]67ms for 360
]66ms for PS3

So… does this mean that all the talk about PS3 versions of the SF4 series being laggier than their Xbox counterparts is total red herring? Secondly, based on what I read in the article about the lowest level of lag for 60 frames per second game like Third Strike, means that 3SO will have an inherent latency of approximately 66-67ms regardless of which console you choose. I guess that figure doesn’t seem to far from what figures I vaguely recall about PS2 Third Strike input delay. Anyone has any idea what the input delay was on previous console versions of 3S?

No but unless you’re superman or have only ever played on arcade your entire life it won’t mean shit to you.

Also you can’t do anything about it.

as long as it feels somewhat like ps2 ill be happy. already gave up hope on arcade perfect a long time ago.

Input lag will not ruin a game imo…

Screen lag will… seriously if you disable the display settings that modify graphics, you will notice a huge difference…

Also these games all use 3D models, and I doubt Geometry Wars was tested for lag…

That, and everyone seems to get a different number when testing for input lag… I doubt there is a definitive source to get the information from…


I meant that as in a couple of milliseconds will not hurt…

66ms is like 3 frames worth for goodness sake… I really doubt that will hurt… it’s not horrible I mean…

If the game comes with lag on its own, then that is a different case…

You already have input lag due to the console before even worrying about the game… but I really think the shit was speed and lag tested…

But then again I really haven’t seen a 3S machine in 9 years and don’t have much to compare it to haha…

Just another alarmist thread where people got all worked up over nothing.

Was only only asking out of curiosity, I’m fairly sure 3SO won’t have any significant issues with input delay. Afterall, how many threads have been posted on this site about the PS3 v Xbox SF4 input delay issue, was just interesting to me, to now see an article that refutes all that has been previously accepted as fact. I most definitely don’t think I’m “Superman” to differentiate between 1 frame of delay or 2, lol.

This. No one’s gonna notice 1-2 frames of input lag unless they have the vision of a fly.