Input lag in wii sticks (hori, madcatz, etc ...) Which stick is better for pro comp?


Im too poor to afford a ps3, and its just out of my league to buy a nice lcd tv, so I have to stick playing on my wii.
Now heres my chance to play a decent fighting game on it, so I wanna put some serious time here trying to get better each time.
I have done my research and it seems that for the wii, one has only 2 choices when it comes to use an arcade stick. The Old cheap Hori fightstick, and the new madcatz tvc fightstick (or are there any other options for the wii?)
I thought I set up my mind when I decided I was going to buy the madcatz one, but then I read some reviews in gamestop saying that the stick had considerable lag since its wireless (connects to the wii remote), so now Im trying to get some feedback from people that have used that stick. Can it be used for pro competition online? Or should I go and buy the regular hori stick? What about the lag on this one also?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I have the madcatz tvc stick and I have not experienced wireless lag.


I used to own the Hori, currently own the Exar and got to try out the Madcatz version yesterday. None have lag in my experience.

But if you’re concerned about lag, try tracking down a Gamecube stick, since those are all wired and wont fall to interference issues


You can use a PS1/PS2 stick with a GC converter as well (just make sure it is a lagfree one, check the converter thread in Tech Talk)


^ That’s the best solution


Wow! I didnt know there was such an adapter. I will definitely check on this. Thanks!


From the IGN review:

Here the link to the full review if you’re interested.

Or if you want direct connections you can jump on this mayflash stick and this adapter


The Wii uses Bluetooth in extremely close proximity; I can guarantee no difference no matter the controller.

Still, if you see fighting games in your long-term future, I would get a PS2 stick or make your own PS2 stick like I am doing.


Speaking of tournaments, would they allow Wireless sticks? The PS2 ones I saw on Play Asia are a little out of my price range.

Unless I am willing to pay 30.00 for a shit stick xD.


the wii mad catz stick is awesome. out of the box it performs perfectly for the game and parts can easily be replaced in it. if you want a low maitenance stick for the wii, id go for that. there is absolutely no lag with it (at least not enough for it to make a difference). plus you can easily mod it to work with other systems.


Unless they’re retarded and don’t understand how wireless on a wii doesn’t have the same issues as wireless on a ps3/xbox360, then yeah!


Only if the hosting tournament is providing the Wiimotes as well as the Wiis. Otherwise, temporary Wiimote synching is easy enough to do (or undo) and you can mess with other peoples’ games.


i use a ps1/ps2 MAS stick with a Mayflash GC Converter


I actually own one of each stick, the Madcatz and the Hori.

Both sticks are fine and have absolutely no lag in my experiences with them. I’ve had the hori for months now and the Madcatz since a few days before TvC came out. I seemingly aways use the Madcatz stick because it seems more solid, well-built. I feel like I’ll break the hori each time I do a DP super with Ryu or Souki.

That being said I highly recommend either one. If you have the money, spring the for the Madcatz. Its great, has pretty good art (if you’re not interested in replacing it) and the parts are really solid and easy to replace if you don’t like them for some reason. The hori is fine though if you don’t want to shell the money for the Madcatz stick.


I would hope a tournament organizer would have the foresight to own two wiimotes and just never explicitly go into the wii temp synching place on the wii menu (the reconnect option or whatever, theres no reason to ever enter the wii menu in the first place though =S )


I bought the cube joybox ps2 to gc adapter and it works flawlessly. I didnt need to buy a new stick. I just took my old reliable mas systems from the dust, and I dont have any trouble with it.

Now unto learning how to play decent … its gonna be a tough road since Im used to play games like KOF and SF with buttons for punches and kicks separated. Never have tried a GG game before, or crazy combo fighters.