Input Lag on Hori RAP4 Kai Silent for PS4?


First Post here.

I recently picked this stick (Hori RAP v4 Kai Silent for PS4) up on Amazon.
When I started using it noticed there is 1-2 frame delay on inputs with it.
I tested this on SFV beta and GG Xrd by using the stick noting response time vs playing with the regular PS4 controller.

Is this a known issue with the stick? or did I get a defective one?

Is there any thing I can do to fix this? I love the case and feel of the stick, I just wish it didn’t have this input lag.

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Make sure the switch on the side of the case is set to DP instead of LS. LS is known to have input lag because it tries to emulate analog input. DP is digital input and quicker.

thanks for the advice. im using dp. i am getting lag from button presses as well? any ideas? which thread should i post this question in?

It could be your monitor or just some placebo that you’re feeding yourself.

Maybe the one at the top of the Tech Talk page with a very clear title

ok thanks! posted there