Input lag on Madcatz TE round 1 stick on PS3?


anyone else getting input lag on their PS3 with madcatz TE round 1 stick on sf4? I plug the stick into my computer to practice sf4 on the go and it seems the game is much more responsive, when i plug the madcatz stick into my PS3, there’s a very noticeable half second delay or so going on… anyone else with this problem, and anyone with recommendations on what to do?

i bought the stick used from amazon marketplace, from a seller called Marvelous Entertainment a while ago, and i’ve always had input lag.


You sure the Switch is on DP?


HDTV? Theres so many variables causing lag you aren’t telling us


i got the same prob going on, on the pc its epic but on the ps3 theres a little noticible lag. also i do have an hdtv though.


hint: it’s not the stick


30F delay? Really?


Hah, I was going to point this out. Half a second is a VEERRRRRRY long time, I really hope it’s an exaggeration.