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hi, first time posting :).

i have a question about input lag - i read that to reduce input lag from ssfiv ae pc, you have to set vsync to off. i also read you must set texture filtering to “off”, and framerate to “fixed”.

i understand turning vsync off. is it ok to use an fps limiter instead? also i have a very capable pc, so it’s odd for me to turn off texture filtering which would normally be at 16x, and framerate would normally be at “variable”. does a “fixed” framerate and no texture filtering really reduce input lag, or am i misinformed?

finally out of curiosity i’ve read that the game natively has 4 frames of lag (66ms). i don’t know whether it’s because i have a ps/2 keyboard and 120hz monitor but i find that hard to believe. it feels like maybe 2 frames. i’ve only got a few points of reference - vsync supposedly adds 2 frames of lag, but the difference between on/off is monstrous. also i’ve played rhythm games with 2 frames/33.33ms of sound lag and that was unplayable. and playing online fpses with around 50ms ping means i need to snipe where people are going to be instead of where they are, so it’s very noticeable. and yet the so-called 4 frames of native input lag (66.66ms) of ssfiv feels really small. obviously my points of reference aren’t great but can anyone elaborate on where the “4 frames” number comes from?



Although I haven’t tried this myself but perhaps removing all forms of post-processing, so things like AA and AF and any special ingame effects, will probably reduce input lag by quite a bit. Another suggestion is to bring the graphics down to the bare minimum (800x600 resolution, low detail/models etc.). It won’t look pretty but its a trade off for ultimate game speed. Another game where this logic is applied is Counter-Strike. My PC is also very much capable and depending on how finite you are about your frames, you can bring the graphics down until you feel its playable. For me, I just disabled Vsync and I was happy. Thats not to say that there is input lag since I’m quite picky about my input lag as well but just disabling Vsync made the game feel like the console version for me.

Another thing I would suggest and its the number one thing to do when sorting out any game is to update your graphics drivers. Sometimes there can be an oddity in one of the driver versions that can make some games not play as well whereas an updating the graphics drivers would solve the problem (As an example: Sonic 4 Episode 2 with Vsync off played at turbo speed, updated my NVIDIA drivers to 301.42 and the problem was gone)


It depends on how capable you game is but Leprekaun is very correct. AA and AF along side of Vsync are big issues. My pc is running the test at almost 300 frames per second. 60 FPS is optimal if you didn’t already know, and I like to have 80+ stable to take into effect anything taking up extra memory/cpu resources and fluctuations on lower end PC’s, unless you have an i5 or higher/equivalent CPU, and a GTX460 or 5770 or higher GPU along with 4GB of ram. Then you’re more than fine for a 60 stable to hold solid.


wow really? i’m 195fps rock solid with settings maxed at 1080p, using a 125fps frame limiter. i just tried going from 1080p maxed to 640*4xx no aa/af and didn’t notice much if anything in the way of input lag improvement… is it really necessary? like, how much input lag do you think those postprocessing effects would add? this is jsut out of curiosity now because there’s no way i’m going to play with these settings lol.

also how about the framerate type, does fixed/variable make a difference?

thanks again guys


Just put Vsync off and framerate = fixed. Set your resolution to anything you like, but the arcade is 1280 x 720p and I personally don’t see any need to increase the resolution super high, its not like a FPS where your paying lots of attention to the background. Update your graphics card drivers, it helps reduce lag.

Are you using a wired connection ? Go to training mode and see if you can hit 1-frame links if you can then your set and any other input lag your seeing is general internet latency.


Increasing the resolution to the screen’s native resolution (which in many instances for PC players is 1080p) removes the requirement for the screen to perform image scaling which in itself invokes input lag. When the native resolution of the screen is used (i.e. 1080p) the requirement for image scaling isn’t required, therefore a layer of post processing is removed which negates a good chunk of input lag right there.

Also try the following:

If you are an ATI card owner:

1.) Download and install ATI Tray tools
2.) When installed, right click on on the tray icon and select '3D’
3.) From here choose ‘Flip queue size’ and change this to 0
4.) Start SFIV and go into your graphics options
5.) Enable vsync and set frame type to fixed

If you have an nVidia card:

1.) Go into your Nvidia Control Panel.
2.) Select "3d Settings"
3.) Go to the ‘Global tab’ and select "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames"
4.) It will be (by default) set to 3. Change it to 0
5.) Start SFIV and go into your graphics options
6.) Enable vsync and set frame type to fixed

One word of advice though - ATI Tray Tools for me invoked odd behaviour for Flash video. Basically, when hardware acceleration was enabled in Flash videos, viewing them would (mostly) lock up my machine. Disabling hardware acceleration for Flash fixed the issue.


thanks for all the help. i’ll give the ati tray tools a go as well since my card is ati. cheers!


input lag != display lag

The first is for your controller and game engine (and it is the well known xbox, PC vs PS3 latency issue), the other one is for GPU and Display device (who give a damn about this one after the first 30 minits).


PC users should also have this in mind when playing fighting games:


Never felt any lag on pc, infact. If i play pc then play xbox I feel more delay lol and fuck up all my timing


Thanks, I recently realized that I had noticeable input lag as I had only played on my PC. For ATI I had to use RadeonPro instead of AtiTools though.


Fixed framerate means that the game tries its best to keep itself running at 60fps and will drop frames instead of slowing down. The game itself is designed to never go past 60 fps from a gameplay POV.


Resolution and game detail don’t matter unless you have a weak gfx card. AF and AA do though, so disable them in game. Frame rate should be set to fixed, but the most important tweak is enabling triple buffering in DirectX. In order to do that, download RadioPro (yes, even if you have an Nvidia card, the setting we want to change is not in the gfx driver), install it and run it. Click the first button on the left to add a new profile and locate the ssf4 executable. Then go to the tweaks tab, set Vsync to on and enable triple buffering. Every time you run the game you will get the message “force triple buffering request could not be applied”. You will need to minimize with alt + tab and reenter in order for triple buffering to work, but you will now be able to use vsync with little to no added input lag.

Btw, now that SF works with steamworks, you will also need to disable the in game layer by going to steam -> settings -> in game and unchecking the option “Enable the steam overlay while in-game”. This overlay is known to be the cause of input lag in a lot of games.

In my experience the PC version has the least amount of input lag with the proper settings and equipment, the xbox is a close second, but the ps3 is by far the worst.


Everyone should give a damn about this one if the max lag is more than 1 frame (16ms). Display lag isn’t fixed, it fluctuates between a maximum and a minimum value, so if your monitor’s max display lag is more than a frame you just can’t get used to it. One frame links will become unreliable, no matter how much you train.


Worth noting that a Flip Queue Size value of 0 will effectively result in a real value of 3. 1 is the lowest possible on Windows Vista and newer - you can test it yourself by running benchmarks with the value set to 3 (default), 2, 1, and 0, and evaluating the results. This is directly from the mouth of japamd, who developed RadeonPro, and it coincides with my own testing.


Does having 16x AF make a difference in this game?


it does introduce input lag for me, while the game is running at a constant 60fps , old ass game not optimized


Unfortunately yes, it does, as it’s a form of post-processing.


Why? Post-processing doesn’t have an additional and inherent input lag (frame lag, in reality, is the correct term - I’ve done my fair bit of reading since I opened this topic :p) other than that caused by a loss in fps. Post-processing is just another thing that needs rendering on top of all the other things - the cost is fps. Post-processing would therefore introduce a huge amount of input lag if your hardware couldn’t keep up with rendering, or a humanly imperceptible one even if you’re already surpassing monitor fps, but in a game like SFIV where there is a fps cap, AA and AF wouldn’t cause frame lag at all. I know I’ve seen at least one test done properly, with the appropriate hardware, to test input lag of AA, and the results showed imperceptible differences (within margin of error) when the hardware was able to meet a framerate cap. There is no mechanism inherent in any graphical setting that improves quality to cause input lag other than that caused by a loss in fps, other than Vsync.

Is SFIV particularly odd in this respect? Has someone managed to do a genuine blind test and found consistent results, or has anyone with the appropriate equipment done the tests?


Yes, as long as your gfx can keep up with the vsync heartbeat, it doesn’t add more lag, that goes without saying.


I’m glad I came across this thread I’ve always had vsync off/fixed frame rate which I thought fixed it turns out I’ve most likely been playing with a little input lag since vanilla as I’ve now turned the PP effects off as suggested and suddenly those E.Ryu links I’ve been practising have become a lot easier and ultras come out the instant I enter them in as I noticed before I’d really have to smash the damn thing just to get it to come out after an ex-tatsu in the corner. Feeling pretty stupid now haha.

Thanks guys.