Input lag qanba q4raf vs mc cthulhu vid what sticks has lowest unput lag?


Hello i just watched godlikecontrols qanba q4raf vs mc cthulhu input lag comparison video and it concluded that the qanba had much much higher input lag and in a ryu vs ryu mirror match both using fierce at the exact same time the qanba almost always lost. So it comes to my question why does this happen ? Are the PCBs really that important what is the input lag like in madcatz te sticks and hori sticks which stick has the lowest input lag? Link to video:[media=youtube]o_pappKfBk4[/media]


IRL, the amount of input lag in a MCZ, Hori or Qanba stick is neglible. The only time you should start worrying about lag is if you’re using converters, or an unknown stick.


Link to the video?


Not sure which video you’re watching, but the only ones I’ve seen had it pretty neck and neck.


Yes this. Please dont turn this thread into a giant mess by comparing a situation that will almost never happen in real life

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??? whats wrong with asking and comparing if you watch the video it happens often where the chutlhu will trade even or out right win and qanba almost never except for one time. I was about to buy the qanba should i just be ignorant and just buy without asking for other peoples experince when ill be the one paying for it?


They’re saying that 1) You need to link the video, and 2) all tests on these boards have led to a general consensus of effective parity, latency-performance-wise, across them. This means that, practically speaking, even if one board or another tested negligibly faster under certain circumstances, the results were just that – negligible. The “disadvantage” is so unlikely to occur in practice that it is statistically insignificant.

Also, this is a topic where tempers flare and people get unreasonable, so the people here who’ve been here for previous arguments are just kinda afraid it’s going to go down the rabbit hole of a pointless, circular debate.

Get the Qanba if that’s the stick that fits your needs – they’re great sticks, and plenty of people have won plenty of tournaments with them. Don’t worry about latency on the stick PCBs.


i did link video watch it. The person who made the video isnt some random person its the person who made the mc chutlhu board. I’m just here for the facts maybe because port 1 had higher latency then port 2 in the ps3?


Missed the OP edit, sorry. I’ll just point out that the person whose video you are asking about (Toodles) just called it “pretty neck and neck”, lending credence to the concept that any discrepencies are, themselves, statistically insignificant. Watched that video back when it came out, and was pretty satisfied at the time with the conclusion that there’s not a significant variance. Bit busy to go re-watch it so I can quote exactly why, but… Just don’t worry about it. The fact is that the variability is minor to the point of not being important in practice; the systems at play are complex enough that we may never entirely know what component of the tests resulted in the way that they did, but the tests still tell us that they’re all within such a minor variance window that it doesn’t make a practical difference.


helpful as always underwing i have much respect for you! Also i would like to thank toodles and godlikecontrols for their willingness to proof and disproof myths and facts without you guys i would be completely blind to the deeper aspects please continue to excel!