Input Lag

What’s the best way to deal with the absurd input lag over Kaillera? Is there any way to get rid of some of it, or am I just stuck adapting entirely? It just annoys the hell out of me when I’m consitently getting beat by scrubs in Alpha 2 because I can’t get my qcfx2 off or my srk on reflex. Not to mention blocking certain fast projectiles seem impossible if holding forward when they come out.

what do you use to play?

Welcome to the land of the lag abusers.

Here we fuckin go…

I use either a Dual Shock 2 or an SFAE stick with a radioshack adapter. The lag is equal with both.

Emil: I wouldn’t call these people lag abusers, they’re just used to it, and I’m not. I just want to know some way to lessen it if possible.

No, they are abusers. They purposely do things that they know wouldn’t work in the reality, because they know that the delay hinders the reaction ability. Their strategies take advantage of the delay.

To stop lag abusers, you can either do it to them, or just turtle like crazy…or just never play them.

To deal with the delay…your ping should be low and it would be preferable to play on Excellent. Your opponent’s ping should be low as well. Also recommended to use 0.61 since it supposedly has less delay.

Thanks for the input. Problem is nobody plays .61. Hell, I’d love to use Final Burn Alpha, I get zero delay playing offline with it. Also my ping is generally around 18-20 when I play (As in when my network isn’t being a little bitch). If I change to excellent I can still play others listed as good right?

on some servers you cant…on some servers you can. What did you mean by “zero delay playing offline with it.” You mean you get lagg playing with other emulators offline?

No, I just meant I didn’t get any lag offline with FBA offline. Mame (The newer version that is) doesn’t give me input lag either offline, I just tend to use FBA for offline play of fighters.

That might be your problem right there.
Those radioshack adapters are notorious for having input lag.
This is the adapter I use, and it seems to work pretty well.

Thanks for the adapter suggestion, but I plan on buying a new stick in the next few months so I’m going to wait to see how that works with the adapter I have before I consider getting a new one.

what stick?

i also have those radioshack adapters, my MAS, t5 hori i have and the Hrap and Pelican I used to have are all ass to you on them. save time now and get a better adapter =/

What stick do I plan to buy? A custom stick with a DS1 PCB in it (Haven’t quite decided on what builder yet). You’re likely right, but at the moment I don’t feel like dropping more money on a USB adapter, because I’m going to first need to buy an Xbox adapter for the stick.

If youre lookin to buy a custom stick, you should check Finkle’s thread and DreadedFist’s threads in the B/S/T forum. I have one of DF’s sticks, its a work of art. (although I still havent had time to learn it yet)

I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I’ll mention it anyway

If you’re using winkawaks, go into the ini file and you’ll find something like this:

; sound segments. if sound gets choppy, try fiddling with those (SoundSegLag < SoundSegs)

It seems by default, the sound is lagged (likely to prevent choppy sound or something), which could give a false impression of input lag.

Change SoundSegs to 3, and SoundSegLag to 0. I’ve done this, and it feels more ‘in-time’ to my stick movements (you should notice this on any character select screen when you move the cursor).

Finkle is one of the people I’ve been looking at. Personally I like his work the best, but I’m also going to be dropping around $190 for a PS2 stick with shipping. That’s why I’m also waiting to see some pics from Koi of his Sanwa sticks (I liked his Happ ones, but if I want a Happ stick, I’ll just mod my AE stick), because his would only run me $140 with shipping.

For an adapter, I recommend the Red Octane, it is PS2 to USB, Xbox, and Gamecube. You’ll never use the Gamecube, but whatever. I don’t notice any lag on PC or Xbox with it. And I use it with a Red Octane stick, or a custom stick using a SFAC PCB.