Input lag!


I am a very competitive gamer and have always played lots of fighting games and fps games on a crt tv.When the 360 and ps3 came out I bought them both and a hd crt tv.Recently I was looking to buy a flat panel tv and did.It was a samsung 1080p 120 hz 40inch.At the time I didn’t know about input lag but learned about it the second i started playing.Even with game mode on and turning off all extra processing the input lag was terrible.It was prob the best looking tv I have ever see and I loved everything about it except playing games on it .As much as I like movies and tv, games are above them both by far.So i took it back.I have done tons of research on input lag and cant seem to get a straight forward answer or one from someone who know what they are talking about.So could anyone here please help me and give me some answers on what TV models are good for low input lag gaming and does screen size,120 hz vs 60 hz affect the amount input lag since 120 hz tvs do more processing to the picture .Are plasma or lcd better in terms of input lag(i know all the differences other than with input lag)And any suggestions as to what tv has the best possible picture(black black levels ,good contrast ratio, etc) yet still has low or the lowest input lag.I play currently on a samsung 32 inch hd crt tv and would like to get a 40 inch if input lag isn’t increased by picture size.Please any help would be greatly appreciated.Sorry if this is a duplicate post.


Check out the sticky threads on top next time.

This is the thread you want: The New Definitive HDTV Lag FAQ