Input Latency on MMAC (non-HDTV)


I’ve noticed that there is some input latency when I play the classic NES Megaman games on the PS2’s “Megaman Anniversary Collection.” I’m using a standard RCA brand CRT TV (I know HDTVs cause all kinds of latency because upscaling and picture enhancement.) Has anyone else ever noticed this, or am I crazy? Also, do other re-releases of classic NES, SNES, Genesis, etc… have this sort of problem often (eg virtual console, Live Arcade, etc?) With some games like RPGs, it may not make as much of a difference, but with fighting games and platformers, it can sometimes ruin the game. I was just curious how often this happens. I have also been told I’m a little more sensitive to this sort of thing than others. That’s why I’m asking general fighting game players because they tend to be a little more sensitive to it, too.


Try using RGB video for your older systems as much as possible.
Composite video is only a step above RF.


Yeah there could be lag, they basically coded an NES emulator to run on PS2.

I haven’t experienced any input lag with VC stuff on Wii.


This isn’t the first I’ve heard of input lag in the NES games in PS2 MMAC. It might have something to do with the emulation. I haven’t played it myself though.