Input leniency or input retardationcy?

Anyone here getting annoyed of the inputs doing stupid shit out of nowhere?

I feel like the input leniency in this game is too high which results in a lot of random shit doing without intention. Like if a person crosses over and you meant to do a simple kick but DP came out? I know the input leniency for Hugo and Lili are retarded. It’s even worse than SF4’s input leniency.

King has it pretty bad as well.

This is why I like Gief’s lariat. It’s the AA I can count on the most, even vs crossups.

Oh god this. If you’re even thinking about pressing anything but a :dp: and hit :p: then his goddamn RASC comes out. Seriously it’s a :qcb: and it comes out on forward presses on occasion!

That an the fact that his counter is f:k::k: and Jaguar Step is :k::k: makes for some annoying times due to how long the game keeps the forward stocked

those custom combos are the worst

when they first happened to me I was like “oh I’m just awful at pushing buttons”

but I’m seeing them come out for pros too

those are never a good thing

alot of chars for some reason will randomly just do a magic launcher BECAUSE i ended a combo with a meaty.

Yeah, I’ve actually tested it. He has input leniency I’ve yet to see in a SF game. His QCB P move can be performed with a motion of down forward->down->down back + Punch. Since when is this a QCB shortcut? He can also register the move with down back -> down back + Punch (a shortcut typical of DP motions, no QCB)