Input on competitive gaming podcast needed

I’m currently working on a podcast which is being made for a final project in one of my courses. Topic was up to us, so what else could I have decided on but Street Fighter!

I’m going to be talking about the competitive gaming scene (fighting scene specifically), and am looking for some input from the users here.
This isn’t going to be aimed at hardcore fans (SRK etc…), but more to introduce the idea of competitive gaming to people who don’t quite understand it or have a bad impression of it. This demographic happens to be almost everyone I know.

If you want to help out, send me a PM with your answers to some or all of these questions. If you don’t mind spending a little more time, I would love it if someone would actually record their answers and send them to me (WAV would be great).

When it’s done I’ll post it up here if you guys want to take a listen.


-Why do you play Street Fighter (or fighting games in general)?

-Do you compete in tourneys etc… and if so why?

-What do you think is required to play at a competitive level?

-Do you feel it is worth the time, effort and money (sticks, travel to tourneys etc…) to compete?

-What is the most satisfying element of competition for you?

-How seriously do you take competition?

-How do fighting games compare to other competitive events, esp. outside of gaming? In terms of mental ability, dexterity etc…

If you want to just talk generally about anything, just send me a message.


Hi dude, read this thread. Best of luck! :smile:

v v v I consider it to be extremely relevant even if not the complete answer you were looking for. Definitely worth a read. v v v

That’s not necessarily what I’m talking about. That’s specifically about SFIV, and what I’m doing isn’t really based on SFIV. It’s the scene behind competitive gaming.

But thanks, I’ll be looking through it.

no offense, but damn, its like everyone is now trying to do podcast and shit now. good shit though. spread the word

I agree completely, I’m just doing this because it’s a requirement for my course. But hell, might as well put some effort in, eh?

Competition is fun for a lot of people. Traveling to meet new people that you can just jump in with and have a lot of fun, drink, and just dick around with is fun.

I think Fighting Games need to be played at a competitive level to really be fun as otherwise they are really simple, 1-dimensional, and often boring. Learning the game and thoroughly learning all your options makes the game fun and often breeds a fondness, I still to this day here people talk with affection about CvS2, SFII, TTT, or some other old fighter they used to play.

Not everything, but i’m procrastinating a paper and need to get back to it.

Melvargh, I actually wouldn’t mind recording my input at all. In fact I’d be happy to be a part of this project. I’ll probably send it to ya tomorrow. I should have time to get it done by then.

I look forward to hearing the final product. :slight_smile:

ill record tomorrow or friday, and have it to you no later than saturday morning.

Thanks guys, this will really help me out. It doesn’t need to be too long, as the actual podcast is 5 minutes.

Really though, thanks for the help. I’ll have it done by Monday, and I’ll send it to whomever wants to hear.