Input on fighting stick

I’m looking to get a fighting stick for PS3 to upgrade from a cheepo $25 stick, so far I’ve found this one for $139.99

Can anyone give me insight on if this is a good deal for the price if it includes the parts to turn it into a US stick? LS-56 Octagon Gate, Sanwa LB-30 N Bat Top, Sanwa Bat top Adaptor, LS-32 spring

That is the standard price in the US, and it has excellent Japanese parts inside it. They’re pretty easy to open up and switch buttons and sticks around though, especially the parts you mention above. You’re looking at just over $200 all in.

You should read the stick review thread. The TE is a really standard model, everything that needs to be said about it is covered in the stickies. You can often find them new for less though (madcatz usually offers big coupons/sales around big tournaments).

Those mods will not make a TE into an American stick. If you want an American stick, you’ll have to go MAS or custom. For more info on MAS, read the stickies.

Madcatz is currently having a sale on many of their arcade sticks. I just picked up the MLG one brand new for $100 plus shipping. Its the slightly improved version of that stick with different art.

So I would way no. $140 for a used round 1 is not a good deal.

You’re basically not going to find a stick you can “turn into a US stick”.

By US stick, you mean like the US versions of older arcade cabinets?
If that is so you want to look for sticks that take Happ or better yet IL parts.

There very few Sticks that take American style parts, you might want to look for a old Nuby Tech Street Fighter Stick, Pelican Universal arcade stick, a MAS stick or a X-arcade and be prepared to swap out parts

I don’t suggest the PDP Mortal Kombat sticks unless you really have to have a MK layout.