Input problem: Can do Amaterasu weapon change well but

Always screw up Dante’s Air Trick

On a stick at least; the 22 motion is pretty easy on a pad

It’s just, you know, everytime I go for a Dante teleport I end up getting a standing S instead which is pretty annoying.

But I main Ammy and I can do weapon change flawlessly, which is annoying me to death. Anyone experiencing the same problem? I’m about to pick up She-Hulk soon and I don’t want to suffer the same error as I’m doing with Dante at the moment ._.

Well if you’re doing Dante’s teleport at a distance, you can wiff a normal then teleport. One thing I do is wiff s.:l: then cancel into teleport. This way, you don’t have to deal with :s:'s recovery and should help. Make sure you’re going straight down and not to 11/33/21/23 etc is the only other thing I can think of.

With She-hulk you can buffer 22S while you’re falling so the instant you hit the ground, you’re in Runner’s Start, and prevents you from wiffing a s.:s:.