Input problems with 3S Online Edition


Ive been playing 3S since the Online Edition versions came out, and have had trouble with getting my specials, supers, and combos involving either of them to work as intended. Ive been playing fighting games for a while now, and this is the only game where i consistently have this problem. Ive even tried other versions of 3S, including the original CPS3 arcade release and the dreamcast versions, and it only seems to be an issue when playing the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Anyone able to help/give suggestions?


Need more specific information for what you’re struggling with. Then people can give good advice.

I’ll say at least that OE has been tested vs CPS3 and it’s got the same input and audio lag and runs at very close to the same speed (it runs slightly faster).


just about any sort of chain combo like kens hadouken into shippu jinraikyaku or any similar special into super art combo. It usually just ends with the hadouken and thats that. also i find a lot of times normal supers, whether theyre qcf, dp, 360s, or hcfs just wont come out a good amount of the time. also EXs as well. for some reason i cant get EXs on a regular basis either. All of this is on stick


That’s all normal problems that most people seem to have. Especially with EX moves. I played OE for the first time in like 2 years recently and forgot how bad it was about that shit. After playing on the CPS3 version for so long and then going back to OE all those problems are really noticeable.


Are these problems online? There’s been some testing from several people but no one’s found any evidence that OE mishandles inputs. A couple people tried to replicate the EX drop that people complain about but couldn’t do it.

@isotopez and I (actually mostly him, I just watched) used a programmable controller a few months ago to feed various inputs at the exact same timing into both CPS3 and OE, and didn’t find any situations where they give different results, except for when the frames desync (since they run at slightly different framerates, eventually stuff like Necro’s 1f link down-back fierce juggles will desync). This would most likely happen on any other console port, since they all run at 60FPS, same as OE.

I’m not gonna say we were 100% thorough and I’d certainly be interested in testing more, but based on what I’ve seen so far my instinct is to say that if you are unable to execute something on OE, it also would not work on CPS3 with those exact same inputs at the exact same times.

That being said, a few ideas:
3s will drop EX inputs if you negative edge one of the buttons at the same time you input EX. so an easy example is Mak low short -> EX oroshi. if you don’t come off low short fast enough and the negative edge input happens when you input EX oroshi, you will get regular oroshi. This also happens on arcade, but it might be worth experimenting with to see if it solves your problem.

It’s possible the setup you use for OE (maybe stick or monitor) could be laggy, which could affect how the game feels. Like if you play arcade on CRT and OE on LCD obviously there will be a difference.

And of course if you’re playing online, the netcode definitely drops inputs and EX moves. So that’s kinda expected if it’s from online play.

Hope some or any of that helps.


I always had them offline. I haven’t played OE online since it came out.


this happens both online and off. using the old evo monitor, the ASUS VH236H. ive tried different sticks too. the old madcatz SFIV SE, a TES, TE2, and qanba q4raf.



or one of the devices involved is somehow messed up.
people have complained about ex since release and i’ve never experienced it.


Check your stick. Prob need new buttons.


I heard a rumor that there was some glitch in which about 3% of EX inputs were dropped even when using macros.
I’ve never tested it myself but you know how guys were reacting to all sorts of stupid stuff when the game first dropped.


I swear this has actually happened to me a few times, but I could just be misremembering it. Either way, I dont think its my buttons because its only an issue with this game, and i just got new buttons a few months back when sanwa released those royal blue ones


You can test out Ryu EX Hadouken 100 times with a 3 punch button macro to see if it does have dropped inputs.

I think that EX moves have one frame on cancellation where 2 punches/kicks have to be registered, somebody here with higher 3S knowledge would understand better though.


just tested with ken. 3P macro worked just fine for EXs without any dropped inputs


Alright That’s Cool! Always nice to see verification
It’s a pretty tight input, when inputting EX moves try to press all 3 punches/kicks at the same time and be sure to release quickly.
By pressing all 3 punches/kicks and releasing quickly, you can increase your chance of a successful EX input due to negative edge.
More button inputs registered for a 1-frame window will help with consistency.


pressing all three for an ex is a very difficult habit to build after many years of not doing it. would be better off if i had been doing it from the beginning.

not offline, but some weird stuff does happen online every now and then. when holding d/b, the character sometimes starts rapidly alternating between walking backward and crouching. during that time, i may also get hit while in a crouch. anybody else seen this? my stick is old as shit but i don’t think it was malfunctioning.

haven’t noticed anything wrong with offline, but i don’t have a lot of offline experience with oe.