Input Question

I’m using a Hori EX 2 Fight Stick and have my input delay set to low. I can do Hyper Grav XX Tempest and AHVB x3 with my eyes closed (no doubt most people here can) on the Dreamcast and in the arcade.

So I played online, and for the most part could only land a c.rh OTG Hyper Grav. I can’t do Tiger Knee AHVBs for sh*t online. Well, I thought it was probably the latency, so I went into training mode offline. Yeah, tiger knee AHVBs are still undoable, and the Tempest isn’t coming out after the Hyper Grav.

Is it my fight stick, the input delay, or something else? This seems very strange considering it’s the Dreamcast port.

On another note, is anybody having problems doing hyper combos online? For some reason I can’t pull of DHCs, and unflying with Sentinel is also difficult. I haven’t tested this offline yet.

I’ve seen somebody do AHVB x2, and another player doing Hyper Grav XX Tempest online (though the Tempest came out too late and didn’t connect). Am I to assume it’s my stick? At least it works great for HD Remix haha.

Good question. I’ve been having the same issue with MVC2 online. And I’m using a HRAP 2 SA and certain combos seem to not come out for some reason online and in some cases offline. The game feels different than the Dreamcast version although its a straight port from what I know.

try leaving the input setting on high. havent been haveing any problems with my jill combos online

I have no problems with Jill combos online on a good connection. I’m still trying to figure out if I have to enter commands in sooner because of the input delay, or maybe even after. Who knows, that might not even be it.

I’ve got the same issue online, only I’m using a TE stick (all the rest are the same)

I can land it almost every time in training mode though. I’m really new to the game so its definitely possible that I’ve just adjusted to it. That said, I’ve noticed that I have to do it a lot slower than I think it should be, otherwise I just end up HVBing instead of AHVB. Specifically, I have to hold the :uf: until I actually confirm that he’s launched. I guess I end up canceling the jump with AHVB lol

The stick that I’m using (Hori EX 2) is a big factor for me, and it might be the only factor. I wish I had another stick to try things on.

For information purposes… are most people using HIGH for their Input Settings in Options?

I’m using low.

Impact, are you using the same TV now as you did for DC Marvel? Is there any chance that you are getting lag from the setup (do you have confirmed lagless LCD or CRT TV)? Do any other 360 fighters lag for you or is this only an MvC2 issue…

Only thing I’m having trouble with is the fast tri-jumping, and I think that’s the lag … with you having problems offline it makes me wonder if it is input lag… ? I run my setup on 480p tube HDTV and it feels exactly the same as DC through VGA on the same setup… speed and everything feels precise…

I’m using the same setup that I’ve used for my Dreamcast. Sorry for this exceptionally late response, but I figured out it was my stick that was giving me problems.

It’s really hard to play Marvel on a Japanese stick. Try it with a joystick ( ) and you will be much happier.

Only if you’re insane.

High = 3 frames, low = 1 frame. Even 1 frame will cost you matches. Marvel is a 0 frame game. :smile: