Input Shortcuts Creating Problems

Has anyone else had issues with the double-tap shortcuts for DP motions. My technique for DPs had always been 6-1-2-3; it’s just been easier for me to rapid-fire out in fast-paced matches of vs. series games. However, this creates some problems for me if I start a ground magic series chain with a DP cancel while blocking low. Often times, I’ll get the reverse DP command instead of a regular DP.

For example, Deadpool has a mission mode combo that involves cancelling a crouching H into katana-rama. Half the time I’ll get a teleport instead of a katana-rama even though my joystick never touches the 4 position the entire time. Obviously this can be avoided by not starting the combo when holding in the 1 position to block low, but that’s just an example. In a real match, anyone with 2 DP motions is going to run into this once in a while if they need to block low a lot.

What do you guys think about this? Has anyone else run into problems with this? Do you think Capcom might patch in an option to remove the double-tap shortcuts if it gets to be a big enough problem?

There’s 2 or possibly 3 factors at work here, afaik.

  1. The shortcut system present in this engine.

  2. The length of input window. The length of time that the game will draw inputs from when determining specials/supers.

  3. Apex switching. Crossing over/under the opponent and causing the input axis to flip.

Only reason I mention the apex issue is that already I’ve seen characters do specials in the wrong direction even though there was no immediate cross-up to switch the apex. So maybe this is related, not sure.

IMHO though, your problem is most likely related to the very long input window present in the game. It’s extreeeeemely long in comparison to any other game I can think of. I think it would be an easy fix if they patched in an option to adjust the input window, that way it would allow for people who are casual players who want the extra time to do specials as well as veterans who are hindered by it.

why dont you try to use the 623 instead, maybe that could help you :open_mouth:

The input window is ludicrously huge in this game. Also I use the same method as the original poster for DPs and it’s real annoying… you can’t bottom-cut DPs in MvC3 without getting a DP in the opposite direction because of the input window.

Isn’t that your own error, not the games?

Yeah, it looks like I’m going to have to retrain to do 623, not too happy about it though. I play on a square gate and the other way is so much easier to whip out at lightspeed in the middle of a combo. Like you guys said, the large input window combined with the shortcuts is what’s creating such a problem here.

i didn’t realise there were shortcuts in this game. wiggling 121 doesn’t give me Web Swing or Demon Flip and wiggling 323 doesn’t give me dragon punch.

I think the shortcuts are double-tapping 1 or 3. Problem is that the input window for the is long enough that if you’re holding 1 during the move that you’re cancelling into a 6123 DP, the game will register the 2 1 inputs as fast enough to trigger a RDP.

Do you have input display on and see this as your input when you get a RDP?

I’ve experienced some problems with this going from crouching moves into DP’s.

My solution was while the crouching move is going on let the control go back to neutral.

So for Deadpool

c.L,c.M.,c.H(5 while animating),623H-> H haven’t had problems since.

If the input window is so huge in this game then I am screwed if they even make it tighter cause some of Dante’s special moves that involve doing an input twice quickly (like his Hammer) I already have to do extremely fast or I only get Killer Bee.

The shortcuts in this game combined with some characters (cough Dante cough, yay downward guns instead of THE FIREY AIR TO GROUDN ROLL OF DEATH!) have been causing a lot of problems for me personally. I like them less than the SSF4 shortcuts while playing Hakan (LOL360 from inputting 1236).

I just tested this. Double-tap DF does not result in a DP special. F,QCF does give a DP though.

EDIT: More testing…

61236 gives me a DP for a character that has QCF, QCB, DP, and RDP specials.

Are you sure that you’re not being crossed up somehow and getting your DP/RDP inputs reversed that way? I would not be surprised if this game’s input system was mostly similar to TvC, and I can’t really explain why, but I recall it being possible to get DP/RDP mixed up in situations where it shouldn’t seem to happen in that game. Like it wasn’t common, but it happened enough to be notable. Test the behavior on reversal moves performed after crossing over the opponent (like a recovery roll or something) and see what happens.

Input wise I find it rather annoying how there is a delay to dash again unless you spam an attack and dash again. Besides that I might screw up once in awhile because my mind keeps thinking of 6 attack buttons instead of 4 and two assist. Not really sure why the launcher has its own button but I guess that is beginner friendly.

The inputs are fine. Stop doing sloppy motions and do it right. Go back to Super Turbo and practice DPs until you can do 100 in a row.

Those inputs are fine. Stop fucking mashing.

IIRC, an interview with seth killian asking if MvC3 would have shortcut inputs he said it didn’t, and that tapping diagonal twice would not trigger a dp.

Ok… so I’ve spent about 20 minutes in the training room with Ryu, who has a DP and RDP ( and QCF and QCB for that matter ) and… 6123 always produces a Shoryuken and never a Jodan Sokuto Geri ( in Ryu’s case ) … 33 gives me a crouching attack or standing attack every time ( depending on if I hold or release 3 before the attack input ).

However… if I am extremely sloppy with my inputs while attempting to do :df::df::h: I can get a Shoryuken. Mind the input display is still showing :dp::h: as the actual input.

So… try resetting your stick to neutral before inputting the DP might help, otherwise just practice those inputs to tighten them up

Edit: With a little more testing, I’ve noticed sometimes I can get a Jodan Sokuto Geri when I want to DP from a crouching :h: if I’m sloppy, and after looking over the inputs, the problem seems to arise from accidentally hitting :b: while going from :db: to :f:.

So basically he’d be getting something like :db::h::b::f::db::d::h::df:… which is an RDP motion with a random forward input thrown in, when the OP is trying to do something like :db::h::f::db::d::df::h:

I don’t think the window is as big as you all make it out to be. You can’t do tk claw grab with Spencer if you don’t input the motion in less than half of a second. the only problem I’m getting is DP motions from moving forward and doing qcf motions.

It’s the input window. Seth has already confirmed no SFIV style “shortcuts” (input leniency).


The only input problem I’ve had thus far is one of Ryu’s missions you have to do fH > hadoken and I kept getting shoryuken because of the leniency. I haven’t run into this problem with other characters yet but if I do I’m gonna be pissed, get that garbage out of here Capcom, I have an annoying enough time walking forward and throwing fireballs in Street Fighter.