Input timing different online? (Killer Instinct)


Hello! I’m wondering if there is any difference in the timing of inputs when playing online VS playing offline. I feel that sometimes I need to input quite a bit before I would normally when playing an online match. Also, this seems to vary from day to day (I’m guessing because of my internet connection). I’ve searched for answers to this, but I generally find a lot of what looks like people trying to justify/explain poor skill when losing a lot online (and the responses they get are par for the course). I have lost my fair share of matches (and won plenty too) and I can admit when I’ve been genuinely bested, but I can’t help shake the feeling of an inconsistency and was wondering if anyone else has honestly experienced this.

I’m playing Killer Instinct on PC.

Thanks in advanced,


I’ve never played KI on PC, but there should be no difference. The timing of your fingers physically pressing the buttons should not change. That doesn’t mean the combo is guaranteed to come out if the connection is poor due to lag/rollback.


I do not experience this. Hope you figure it out though.


Thanks for the replies. I’m going to go with lag on this. I can nail certain timing offline every time but it’s SOMETIMES hit or miss online. Not a deal breaker, just somewhat frustrating when it happens.