Input Tips?

I was just wondering if anybody else is having trouble inputting a forward fireball motion? I can do a backwards half circle but a lot of the time i try to do the forwards half circle, my character just throw out a punch. I’m using a regular ps3 controller and I remember having the same trouble in sf4. I used to play a lot of mk9 and I mained subzero, and for those that played it, his ice ball input was the same as a hadouken input and I never had trouble doing it in mk9. Would you guys advise a fightpad or something else or just keep on practicing? I’ve played a lot of fighting games where certain moves had similar motions but I always have trouble in sf games with the half circle forward.

Try to make sure you’re actually COMPLETING the motion, down, down-toward, toward THEN the punch. Make sure to finish the input before you hit the button. If you’re not sure whether or not your inputs are being completed or not go into training mode, and from the options set your inputs to be displayed on screen. This way you can see EXACTLY what you’re inputting, and if you are in fact completing the input, or hitting the button too soon, etc. Hope it helps! And make sure to take your time first, you wanna get the motion right, so don’t try and do it as fast as possible right off the bat, y’know? :slight_smile:

thanks for the tips and for the link. I guess it’ll take some time getting used to it since I mostly play tekken and mortal kombat. Do you guys think a fightpad would help at all or should I just stick with the regular controller? I don’t feel like investing in a fight stick since I don’t really play a lot and I’ve always used a regular controller.

Use your pad or whatever you feel more comfortable, the game is really friendly for newcomers, relax and everything comes with practice.

yea I haven’t really played much street fighter games but since this a tekken crossover I decided to go ahead and try it out. Seems fun but deep so I guess training is where im gonna be for the next few days haha.

lol Yeah what Alenth said! Training in training mode is well-worth it in the long-run, and you’ll have things down before you know it! Just keep practicin’!