Input Trouble

So, I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time now, but it seems that I always manage to get either Tiger Uppercut or Tiger Knee off of the F + HK Kara when trying to do F + HK Kara Fireball

Is there a trick into performing it, or is it simply a matter of extremely precise timing?

Well… The method I use requires a ts to be on screen. Right as the on screen ts is going off screen do the ts motion and double tap HK.

95% of the time when doing F + HK for kara fireball, it must be done when another fireball is present on the screen and about to leave it. Example: Sagat does a forward throw and opponent is across screen. Throw a slow tiger shot and just before it’s about to hit the opponent, do down, qcf, forward + hk then whatever button you want. If you want to do a kara fireball w/o one already present on screen, just use f + lk

I’m pretty sure you mean 100%

Ive never really tried to kara off the f+HK, but now that i know a decent way to it, i think ill have to go practice