Input windows for Target Combos

This information is rarely found anywhere else, even though it could be acquired via video captures. It might be useful for top players trying to work out whether a move is likely to be hit confirmable or not, although that would often be achievable by feel anyway. Moves such as Nash’s d+MP,f+MP where it won’t combo if input too late are interesting as well. It will become even more valuable once other frame data is established, like initiation and total frames.

The format is simple, the initial move is done on F0 (frame 0) and then the subsequent moves input window is shown.

This was done on the PC beta version, using my own stick. There is a possibility that the data may be a touch off, given it’s a beta, frame rate may not be entirely stable (am on 780ti though, so should be close) and I haven’t tested my stick as much as previous iterations. The likelihood is though that it would be off by a frame or so at worst. If people have autoit and know how to use it they could confirm these results.

HP HK 7-27 (all inclusive)

b+MP HK 2-22

d+HP,HP 10-43

b+MP,HP 2-24
MK,HK 5-27

MK,HK,MP+MK 2-22 23*-54

f+MP,f+MP 3-20
f+MP,b+MP 3-20

MP,HK,MP+MK 3-23 25-49
HP,HP,MP+MK 2-32 34-61

LP,MP 2-14
LK,MK 3-16
MP,LK,HP 2-18, 20-43
MK,HK,f+MK 3-21 28-47
d+MP,f+MP 5-20, 21-22 don’t combo

*note, where there are three inputs or more, I have recorded the third input window where the second input was as late as possible. For example with Necalli, his third input

can be input from F23-54 when the second input is late, however if the second input was done earlier, the third input can only be done on F21-52

I’ve done something similar to this in Tekken, where using a programmable stick I look at the input windows for certain moves.

We already have frame data for most of the characters in the beta.

Also, are you factoring in the 3 frame input buffer for links?

Sorry, took the small window of time away from little people to post the thread, and wrote links instead of target combos in the title. Edited it to make it clearer.

I have the raw input windows available for all cancels, just don’t have them available in any useful format yet.

here’s a nitpicky framey question: what is the exact window to tech throws?

P1 inputs LP+LK on F0. If P2 inputs LP+LK on F3-10, they will throw break. Interestingly, if they input LP+LK on F1, this will also throw break, but not F2. Perhaps there is some system involving clashing of throws?

Also, there is a bit of fluctuation between F10-F11, not sure which one it is, as the result is a bit inconsistent.

Between the same or different characters? Could it be due to hit the different active frame?

Do you know if this game has “pre-teching”? Where an throw break inputted before the opponent actually tries to throw you will still break the throw?

In SFIV you could test this inputting a throw during blocking, landing frames or dashing forward and inputting at the last possible moment. Dunno if it works in SFV.

That’s pretty weird.

Got a quick chance to play on the PS4 beta (3?) Consistently frame 1-11 (inclusive) where other player does throw on F0 will break throws.