Inputlag with Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (Nintendo Switch) * FALSE ALARM, Its the Switch emu *



Just got Strikers 1945 for my switch and thought itd be perfect with my new Hori stick… but man, I experience quite bad inputlag :(…

I am using the Asus VG245HE “gaming monitor” and tried to disable all things like ecomode and such but still its really bad lag.

Using the setting found here:

Could not find any “game mode” to activate thou…

Anyone else using this monitor? Or this stick and experiencing inputlag?

Thanks in advance!


it sounds like it’s the stick or the Switch.


I got the same game and I notice no lag.


Could it possibly be that I am unused to the sticks throw? I usually play on ls-32 sticks… Hmm need to check what’s actually inside this one


A HORI REAL ARCADE PRO ? its their own in house Joystick the Hayabusa.


Yeah I found that after some googling, and also found some posts about the hayabusa might have longer engagedistance… could be that! I think I’ll order a oversized actuator and restrict or from kowal, or just simply a ls-32/ls-40 and see if it fits :slight_smile:


If it was me, I rather go with the LS-40.


just tested mighty gunvolt with the arcade stick and realized that its playing perfect… damn :(… one of the big reasons why i bought the switch was actually the neo geo and arcade library… and seems THEY are the ones havin lag in the emulation… at least for me :(. strikers 1945 is really bad. might buy metal slug tonight and test


Both the neo geo and the arcade games in the eshop seems a bit slow… even when using it undocked it seems a bit sluggish sometimes :confused:
I bought metal slug also and it doesnt feel that great… ;( sorry for the false alarm in the title all


The slow down you experienced in the games, they also happen on real MVS hardware. The games here are set to simulate MVS game play rather than the AES console, that said the games are identical to both systems other than the physical pinout. It is the Console/ Arcade Board’s Bios that determines the System more and region of the game being played. (US and Japanese versions are in the same Rom).
It’s very noticeable in Metal Slug games as the Game test the extremes how many sprites the MVS can push. And the MVS only pushes sprites, the Neo geo system simply does not do tiles at all.

Any slow down or latency you feel is accurate to the original MVS and AES hardware.
I got Strikers 1945 and a few others as MVS carts and I play them on a MVS Arcade board wired to a Super Gun.


The slowdowns/sluggishness I experience on the Switch does not happen on my mvs hardware. Played alot of metal slug on my cabs to know that. :confused:
Its like, sluggish in the places it normally wouldnt, its hard to explain. Mighty gunvolt demo was very responsive with the same stick and pc monitor on switch.

If I get time, I will put my testbench/supergun with my mv1c slot and metal slug up next to the switch and see if I can see any difference when having them side by side…

Sadly I dont own Strikers 1945 anymore but just comparing it to mame and its running really good with the same joystick (the hori stick). but on the switch with the hori stick and same monitor, its unplayable, real inputlag


I think you are making mountains out of ant hills


I hope you are right :neutral:

LS-40 otw!