Inquiring on buying a Fightstick

I’m extremely new to this. and just wanted to know what is a good fight stick [For PC or Xbox 360] that is in the 60 Dollars Area.

I’ve been eyeballing the SE fight stick and the Hori Fight stick 3 (Will only work with the PC).

Hori EX2 is out of the question because it looks like a nightmare to mod. Anyone have any idea on which i should buy? And if so provide links to a cheap place to buy from.

get a se for a little bit more or try ebay you can get one for 60 alot of times the stock parts are bad but once swaped with sanwa or semitsu parts you will be good. or you can wait save up a little money and buy a te for $130 shipped on all high quality parts and will work on pc as well

Yea i was planing on buying a SE stick, and buying the Sanwa Parts and the Octa Gate later on.

Can’t find a cheap place to buy it from. 80 Bucks for a bad reputation’d stick.

I can tell you my experience. My first stick was a Hori Fighting Stick 3, didn’t like it. First off, the buttons felt kind of stiff, but the biggest problem was the unit’s weight. I would play it on my lap and it would constantly move, but this probably won’t be a problem if you play on a flat surface. Also, if you want to mod it later prepare to get your soldering gun out.

Next stick I bought was the Mad Catz SE for PS3 ($63 on amazon). Stock parts felt decent, but again, the buttons didn’t feel great. I modded them out, added an octo gate, and custom art. Adding a new stick and buttons is really easy, though afterwards you’ll probably spend as much for a new TE stick ($130 on Amazon). People complain about the SE’s stock stick, but it hasn’t died on me yet, but I WILL replace it (trying to figure out with a sanwa or seimitsu). One thing I will say, putting an octo gate on it is a real bitch. However, the weight is good for lap play.

My other stick is a HRAP 3 (got lucky and got i ton ebay for $60). It comes with a Sanwa JLF and it’s very responsive and sensitive (sometimes I think it’s too sensitive). The buttons are alright, somewhere between the stock mad catz and Sanwa.

Both of the sticks work well on my comp (I’m running Vista). I think if you feel you’re going to mod the stick later you should definitely look at the Mad Catz SE or HRAP. There’s lots of guides on this site. Most can be found by using the search button.

Good luck!

If you think the Hori EX2 is a bitch to mod, the Wii Fight Stick will be the same.

The SE is probably your best option. It’s something you can invest in, use and eventually upgrade. If you’re just starting out then the SE is just right.

Just pray that the PCB doesn’t fry on you.

Thanks guys, i will buy the SE fightstick. Does anyone have links to it? Something bellow the 60 Price line would be nice.

only way to get a good stick for that price is to build one

or get a shitty stick

RTFF and you’ll find one under 60 for PC/PS3.

Hint: I posted it.

I prefer a 360 version because i can use it on both Xbox 360 and PC.

you should watch this thread for SE deals. has sold the SE at $43 twice so your best bet is wait for it to go down again

Thanks guys, all i can do is wait for an opening in a price drop. if anyone has any more details or a site i can buy it from, please post. I’ll check back daily.

Lurk around the trading outlet. There are some good deals on there.

so, i was in this boat for a while too debating whether or not to even get a stick. Seeing mvc2 come to download and then the whole sf IV stick re-release pushed the issue again.

I would say talk to your parents or what not (assuming you say 60 cause you have no money or your parent are paying), see if you can talk them into getting you an early christmas present (explain the limited qtys and such).

reason i say this is because the TE is much more comfortable. i know it is an opinion based thing, but when you look at the TE you have just much more room to do things.

amazon or newegg would be best places to go, amazon = no tax, same with if you want to save on tax.