Inquiry about Evolution 2006 winnings (plz respond inkblot,ponder,mrwizard)

Are the checks that you receive for placing in any of the events able to be cashed the very same day at any local bank? are they cashier’s checks or what? please give response.

yes they can be cashed instantly.

thank you.

While the check may be good instantly, most banks just don’t let you walk in and cash a check, especially nowadays. You usually have 3 options:

  1. The bank you have an account at may cash part of it, the one i know on EC will give you the first $100 if you deposit it, some will do more, some won’t do any.
  2. Go to a check cashing place, they have varying requirements tho, some places will need to call someone to verify the check if it’s large enough, and that is not always easy.
  3. You can often cash a check at the branch it’s drawn on, but some have restrictions (i.e. you have to be in the same bank AND the same region.).

Since the tone of your post seemed to be asking if you can go run out and cash the check that night, just wanted to make sure you knew that they can vouch for the funds, but not who can cash it or not. If it’s important i would call around, or to your bank if it’s in the area, thats up to you.

I’m not sure if you’re asking if you can get cash on the day of/after the tournament, itself… but this( ) kind of scared me… even if i’m not going to win anything, personally. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not trying to make a stab at evo’s credibility, but with these affidavits, are there any time restrictions or other conditions on getting the money out to the winners?

…i guess it IS better than a verbal “yeah, we’ll send you the check in the mail… promise!”

Most likely you won’t even have to go to a bank. Take it to the casino, they would probably cash it for you no problem.

…What if you don’t have a bank account…

then use that money to make one

I cashed our check today no problem. Just walked into my bank, gave them my account number, check, and ID, and they cashed it right then and there. Easy.

Then you probably shouldn’t be flying to Vegas to play video games.

is that possible? ^_^*